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RUSH: Saturday afternoon on ESPN, Minnesota vs. Ohio State football. Oh, wait, grab number nine, I missed it first. Nine and then 10 and 11. Make sure of that. Yeah. Here’s the sound bite number 9. This is Bob Griese, ESPN. He’s doing the color commentary of Minnesota-Ohio State.

GRIESE: First time we saw Jeff Gordon up there in the top five, isn’t it?

PASCH: Where’s Juan Pablo Montoya?

GRIESE: He’s out having a taco.

RUSH: That was Bob Griese. Now, it’s interesting. I’m looking at people’s facial expressions here who have not heard that. Dawn had not heard it, Brian had not heard it. Snerdley had heard it, and it’s interesting, Dawn is (gasping) ‘How can he say that? oh, no!’ Brian’s in there yucking it up. Snerdley is in there yucking it up. Bob Griese then later on during the broadcast they hurried up in there and they made him apologize.

GRIESE: Earlier today on our game I made an offensive comment regarding Juan Pablo Montoya as part of a NASCAR promo. It was regrettable and I should not have said it. I really enjoy NASCAR and I follow it closely and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Juan, NASCAR and everyone else who heard my comment.

RUSH: All right, and now ESPN has announced that Bob Griese has been suspended for a week. Bob Griese has been suspended for a week over a racial slur. I mean, he’s out there probably having a taco. A racial slur. Fine. Before we get to NY-23 here, let’s see, last week on the syndicated TMZ, unidentified reporter had this exchange with hip-hop producer Dr. Dre.

TMZ REPORTER: What do you think about Rush Limbaugh trying to buy the Rams?

DR. DRE: (Bleep) Rush Limbaugh.

TMZ REPORTER: You know what I’m saying? (laughing)

RUSH: That was the F-bomb in there that was bleeped. Now, that’s the hip-hop culture the NFL lovingly embraces, as epitomized there by Dr. Dre on TMZ. Does anybody see the double standards here? Griese suspended for a week over a racial slur, I’m history over a comment about the media on ESPN. At any rate, I’m not crying about it, folks, I’m just pointing out how this all works.

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