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Mark Davis of WBAP-AM in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex filled in behind the Mic on Tuesday while Rush wraps up his annual Guy Golf Tripin several of the 57 states.
“Only 42% and 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of President Obama’s performance. Will the president go down with the sinking ship that is his health plan?” -Mark Davis
• Zogby: 42% Approval • Rasmussen: 45% Approval

“The August recess has been productive; the town hall meetings have been what they’ve needed to be. All right, 95% of what they needed to be. We’ll take 5% off for a couple of folks that went a little wheels-off. But they were the tiny, tiny minority. So, can we keep this alive?” -Mark Davis

Mark Davis August 25 Column, Dallas Morning News:
President Obama Proving Incapable of Terror Fight

• LAT: Swine Flu Outcompetes Seasonal Flu, Unlikely to Get More Lethal

• USA Today: Some Ache for New Orleans, But Not Ready to Return
• NYDN: 4 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Still Needs Us
• Popular Mechanics: Debunking the Myths of Hurricane Katrina
• LAT: Learning to Live with Wildfires

“Well, not so much. And that’s not out of dislike for New Orleans. I love it! I want it reborn. I want this post-Katrina town to be a small city, more spread out. I don’t mean this cavalierly, but a lot of those people didn’t need to live where they were living. Sometimes, God tells you where not to live.” -Mark Davis

“Could we just at the very least, use the commemoration of 9/11 to focus on what was done to us, and maybe that would spark some sense of urgency? I know, I know. I’m dreaming.” -Mark Davis

• George Will: Afghanistan: Time to Stop Nation-Building • Politico: George Will Calls for Pull-Out

Retread the Tank! Return of the Loser?
• BH: Deval Patrick Sets Special Election, Favors Law Change
• Gawker: Dukakis to be Ted Kennedy’s Caroline Kennedy?

• KeloLand.com: Dealers Still Waiting for Clunker Cash
The Brett Favre Comeback 2
• AP: Meshing Is Work in Progress for Favre and the Vikings
• WP: Favre Facing Potential Fine for Block

“Imagine if Roger Staubach had finished his years of service in 1979 and said, ‘You know what? I’ve got a little more playing in me and I’m going to the Washington Redskins.’ It would’ve made people’s heads explodes. There’s never been anything like Brett Favre coming out and heading to the enemy.” -Mark Davis

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