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Rush’s Morning Update: Get Along!
October 26, 2009

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Come January, doctors are facing a scheduled 20 percent drop in their Medicare reimbursement rate –so Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid tried to ram through a measure to reverse that. Price tag: a quarter trillion dollars. Sadly for the Dingy One, 13 fellow Democrats didn’t back his play; they citedthe out-of-control deficit and budget overruns asthey voted against their leader.

Poor Harry had a meltdown. First he blamed the AMA for providing him with “bad intelligence”; Harry claimed the AMA told him that 27 Republicans would vote for the measure, but none of themdid. Then he unleashed his fury at Republicans,accusing them of “dirty tricks” to stop “meaningful reform.”

“I want everyone within the sound of my [wimpish, little] voice to understand that Washington is being driven by a small number of people on that side of the aisle that are preventing us from doing things that help the American people,”said Dingy Harry. “We’re not trying to run over people with the 60 votes we have. We want to work with people. We want to get along.”

Hey Harry!Can’t you count? You have 60 votes! You just said it! You don’t need Republicans to pass a damn thing! Just make your own people tow the party line!

But Dingy,we want to get along with you, too. So how about a compromise? You give up your tax-and-spend plans, forget about this health care takeover and cap-and-tax,and let’s just be friends.

How about it, Harry? Are you game? Want to play ball that way? Join us!

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