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RUSH: To St. Louis. James, you’re first. I’m glad you held on during the first hour. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I wanted to get your take on states being allowed to opt out of the public option in the health care bill. Basically I was just wondering if they’re crunching the numbers and counting all the states and as a taxpayer I’m paying for this bill, if a state such as Missouri were to opt out wouldn’t that eliminate all the tax money from coming in? Or am I missing something?

RUSH: You’re more informed than I. I had not heard that the states would be allowed to opt out of the public option.

CALLER: That was on Fox News this morning. They said that was part of the bill.

RUSH: Well, it’s Fox News! They make it up. You can’t trust Fox News.

CALLER: Oh, okay. (laughing)

RUSH: There’s no bill yet. And Harry Reid’s considering this… It’s not in the bill. Look, all of this… Harry Reid’s considering it? Harry Reid’s getting dumped on. The story as CBS says that Harry Reid is getting dumped on by the left because he’s not working hard enough to try to get the public option. It’s not the left dumping on Harry Reid. It is the media dumping on Harry Reid. It’s the media trying to get Harry Reid back in gear on this. Here is a story. I’m going to answer his question here in just a second. Here’s a story from The Hill. ‘Pelosi Calls an Emergency Meeting on Push for ‘Robust’ Public Option — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to push back the notion she lacks the votes for a ‘robust’ public option.’

Let me tell you something. After that front page Washington Post piece today with the White House throwing Creigh Deeds overboard before the election, you Blue Dog Democrats had better think very carefully about how you vote on this when it comes time. So she ‘called an emergency meeting of her caucus Friday morning to declare that she has not abandoned the push for including that provision in a healthcare bill.’ This is all such BS. Believe me, don’t doubt my when I tell you: There will be a public option in the final product. It may take, you know, a two or three year growth period to get it in there but there’s no other reason to do national health care unless there’s a public option and nobody will be allowed to opt out of it. We’re talking about Barack Obama here! The states won’t be able to opt out of it. There will be one. Nobody will be able to opt out of it, and most people will be forced into it.


RUSH: Oh! We had a caller earlier today asking me about the proposal by Dingy Harry to let states opt out of the public option, and I said: Tthere’s going to be a public option, and nobody’s going to be able to opt out of it. You’re going to be forced into it. There’s no reason to do government-run health care if there’s no public option. Nancy Pelosi was on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, and she said, ‘Medicare for everyone is now sort of a catch phrase. You gonna end up calling the public option Medicare for everyone?’

PELOSI: No, I don’t think so. I mean I — I — We will have a strong — uh, uh — obviously a strong component for Medicare. We strengthen Medicare. We sustain it, uh, for years longer but it isn’t — it isn’t a question of what it is named. It’s a question of what the bill will do.

MITCHELL: And it will have a public option?

PELOSI: It will have a public option.

RUSH: ‘It will have a public option.’ No, we’ll strengthen Medicare. We’ll sustain it for years…’ (laughing) These people are an absolute dangerous joke.


RUSH: Quentin in Dayton, Ohio. Quentin, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, Rush, good to talk to you again, and I can tell you right now exactly why health care and the other plans of Obama are going to pass. The fact is he’s going to appeal to the women, the women are going to turn around and beg for it, the conservatives are going to cave in like they always do and ignore the fact that basically they’ve done everything Democrats want when it comes to women. I mean Republicans in Ohio made it so you don’t have to be convicted of a sex crime if you’re registered as a sex offender. They just (unintelligible)14-year-old boys are liable for children if they’re molested.

RUSH: Wait a second here.

CALLER: This is Republicans doing this.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. I’m trying to keep up here. What is your point about Republicans and women, that their sex offenders?

CALLER: Well, my point is is that Republicans are going to bow down to what the Democrats want because Democrats are going to say, do it for the women. Just like in October when I told you if they tried to out-feminist the Democrats they were going to lose.

RUSH: Okay, so you think that the way health care will eventually be passed is the Democrats say the women of the country want it, even if they don’t, they’ll say the women of the country want it, and the Republicans, ‘Oh, God,’ so as not to lose the female vote will echo the Democrats and cave and go for health care just to get the women’s vote?

CALLER: Exactly, we’re already seeing it happen.

RUSH: Okay, where did the sex offender stuff in Ohio come into this?

CALLER: Didn’t you know, Ohio has a civil sex offender registry. You do not have to be convicted of a crime to be registered as sex offender in Ohio, that was a Republican item.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

CALLER: And because of stuff like that they’ve lost a lot of male voters like me because either side you’re dead.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. I’ve railed against this notion that you can’t win the presidency without the female vote. Reagan had a 12% plus margin with women voters when he won his two landslides. Conservatism will attract women. Conservatism will attract everybody. Conservatism is America. Conservatives don’t look at this bloc or that bloc. One of the reasons party politics has gotten so bogged down — and he’s right in a sense, you gotta get this group and then you gotta get that group, but you can’t offend the previous group you just got by going after the new group and then you gotta go after another group which requires you to support amnesty for illegals but then you gotta say, ‘No, we especially love illegal women because we don’t want to have anybody in a minority,’ and you lose your identity, who you are. So I mean you have a message and you stick to the message, it’s been shown and demonstrated throughout American history that the message reverberates with people. This group politics stuff, that’s what Democrats do.

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