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RUSH: Here’s John in Indianapolis. Welcome, John. It’s great to have you here on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. What prompted my call is Sarah Palin’s endorsement of the conservative running for Congress in New York and juxtaposed against Newt Gingrich’s endorsement of the liberal RINO. And the point I want to make is I think the Republican Party has a very important choice to make. They risk losing me and millions of others if they don’t once again reclaim the mantle of the Reagan conservative movement that was so successful in the ’80s. And one point, one statistic I think they need to look at is more people in this country call themselves conservatives than dare call themselves Republicans. They will not lose votes if they come out and stand for the right things, particularly against what we’re facing now in this country. It is time — and I’ll just say this. I began this a couple years ago. I made up my mind I’m not voting for RINOs anymore. I voted for every Republican presidential candidate since 1972 but if they nominate a RINO again, they will not get my vote.

RUSH: And they won’t get the vote of 73% of Republican voters. In the first hour today we had this from Rasmussen Reports: ‘73% of Republican voters say congressional Republicans have lost touch with their base. Just 15% of Republicans who plan to vote in 2012 state primaries say the primary’s representatives in Congress have done a good job representing Republican values,’ and that would be conservative values. So you’re not alone. You’re among 73%. Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have now thrown down in the New York election. They have endorsed Doug Hoffman. Talk radio has thrown down, ditto Florida. Conservatism is in the ascendancy. Conservatives are ascending, money is flowing and we’re turning a corner.

These ‘Republicans first’ and these Republicans-in-name-only, these people who claim that they want to be moderate Republicans, ‘That’s the only way we’re ever going to be win the broad-based election,’ are just missing the point. I don’t know what’s so hard to figure out about going back to 1980 and 1984 and looking at the results. Sarah Palin is defying the party. Rick Santorum is defying the party. Forty-nine percent say no health care reform better than the current plan. This also from Rasmussen. Slowly we creep, my friends, to getting a majority of people who understand. ‘Forty-nine percent of voters nationwide say that passing no health care reform bill this year would be better than passing the plan currently working its way through Congress.’ I think it has begun.

Something is happening out there. It’s palpable. I can feel it. Call it a ‘receding tide,’ maybe, call it ‘a stiff breeze,’ whatever you want. There is a movement about, a coalescing of disparate interests, a loose affiliation of Americans who love their country, who share a sense of danger. Call it self-defense, patriotism, anger, betrayal. It’s all of that and more. Americans are agitated. They are in a state of unease. They’ve had enough of this delusional president who keeps demanding their lunch money, keeps demanding their tax money, keeps destroying their private sector. They’ve had enough of indoctrinating chants forced on our school children, czars who pray the mass murdering and liberty-destroying Mao Tse-tung, czars who are communists, a czar who praised the founder of NAMBLA.

Unaccountable czars seizing control of our car companies which have long symbolized American freedom, failing to deliver jobs, destroying the budget and the economy instead, slandering doctors, attacking the Chamber of Commerce, delivering a fascist message to American businesses across the spectrum, apologizing for America instead of being proud for the first time in his life. Abandoning our allies, undermining the First Amendment, enabling Election Day thugs, blasting tea partiers and town hall attendees for standing up for their rights and their opinions. Picking fights with El Rushbo, Fox News, Hannity and all the rest, clearing the field. Americans have had ten months to learn what the State-Controlled Media hid from them. They’ve gotten an up-close and personal look of Barack Obama.

They get him now. More and more people each and every day are getting Barack Obama. It has begun. Victor Davis Hanson today at National Review Online. ‘If Obama continues on his path, he will polarize the country in a way not seen since 1968. He will set back racial relations to the 1960s. He will do to the reputation of big government what LBJ did from 1964 to ’68, and in the manner of what Jimmy Carter wrought, turned voters off liberal foreign policy for a generation.’ That’s the conclusion. It is a long piece that is a brilliant analysis. And we’re seeing this conclusion happen daily. We’re seeing a greater polarization. We’re seeing racial relations set back to the 1960s. We’re seeing Jimmy Carter-like destruction of the economy, except in this case it’s purposeful.

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