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RUSH: What’s happening here, folks, is Obama’s numbers are tanking. The Gallup poll. It is devastating what the Gallup survey shows. ‘Obama quarterly approval average slips nine points to 53%. Now, forget the number of 53%, because I don’t think it’s that high. I don’t think he’s got that. I don’t think over half the country approves of the job he’s doing.

‘In Gallup daily tracking that spans Obama’s third quarter in office, July 20th through October 19th, the president averaged a 53% job approval rating, which is down sharply from his prior quarterly averages which were both above 60%. In fact, the nine-point drop in the most recent quarter is the largest Gallup has ever measured for an elected president between the second and third quarters of his term dating back to 1953. One president who was not elected in his first term, Harry Truman, had a 13-point drop between his second and third quarters in office in 1945 and 1946. More generally, Obama’s nine-point slide between the quarters ranks as one of the steepest for a president at any point in his first years in office.’ So his numbers are tanking. The media is doing everything it can to cover for him and his party.

The fact is millions of people have gone from indifference or even support for Obama to outright opposition. It is out there, it is effervescing, it is bubbling up. The media is not covering it but you know and I know it is out there. There used to be indifference. There used to be moderate support. It has given way to outright opposition. All over this country — in every city, every demographic you want to talk about — Obama’s policies are very unpopular because they require the bankrupting of the country. They undermine the Constitution. And his staff is extremely radical. The staff reflects his own belief system. He is his staff, he is his czars. All this baloney about how far out of the mainstream traditional conservatives are?

The fact is we can see all around us that it is Obama and his administration and his party and his supporters in and out of the media who have lost the confidence of the public. The public doesn’t trust the media. The public does not trust Obama. The public does not trust the czars. The public does not trust Congress. The public basically does not trust its government anymore. And yet, Politico is out with its second installment today (summarized): ‘Oh, yeah. It’s conservatives causing the problems the Republican Party! The Republican Party is meeting in secret to find out what they can do about Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and Levin. Oh, no!’ The country’s falling apart. We have nothing to do with it. We are the ones championing liberty and freedom, free markets.

We are the ones trying to save this country and wake the American people up, those who are still asleep at the switch here and alert them as to what is really happening. And of course it’s natural that we would be attacked. It’s natural that we would be targeted by the aiders and abettors in the media of the Obama presidency. So they’re now meeting in secret. They’ve created an enemies list. They are using tax dollars and the law to destroy certain companies and industries all for the purpose of appointing their cronies to head them — and Politico is concerned about us. The Drive-By Media is obsessed with us. We are said to be the greatest threat to the future of the Republican Party. At this point, folks, I couldn’t care less about the Republican Party, particularly when you look at the candidate they are supporting, Dede Scozzafava up at the 23rd District of New York.

Frankly, folks, our focus is not on the Republican Party. Our focus is trying to save the country, save the country as it was founded. And there is a lot of hope in that regard. The Heritage Foundation today talks about the vote in the Senate yesterday: ‘You have to read all the way to page A-25 in today’s New York Times to learn about it, but the Senate took its first floor vote on Obamacare yesterday and the White House lost. Big. The NYT reports: ‘Democrats lost a big test vote on health care legislation on Wednesday as the Senate blocked action on a bill to increase Medicare payments to doctors…” They tried to bribe the doctors and people wouldn’t go along with it. ‘Yesterday’s vote marks a significant failure of the Left’s special interest approach to passing Obamacare. From the beginning, the White House thought that if it bought off all of the business interests involved (the American Medical Association, the drug industry, health insurers, hospitals, etc.) opposition to the plan would wither.

‘In one sense, the plan worked. USA Today reports PhRMA, Pfizer, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and the Federation of American Hospitals have all ponied up millions of dollars for lobbying and television ads in support of Obamacare. But all these special interest television ads failed to rid Americans of their common sense objections to Obamacare’s government takeover of health care.’ Read all about it at the Heritage Foundation. The American people have told Gallup they want to see Congress move in the opposite direction they’re currently moving on health care. This was a big failure for the Democrats, a big failure for their strategy, a big failure for their tactics. They’ll be back, but it was a huge failure.

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