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“It’s a darn good thing, in retrospect, that President Obama listened to President Bush rather than Senator Obama.”

“What happened in the situation room on Sunday was said to be the gutsiest decision ever undertaken by an American president. Let me tell you something, folks. What was gutsy was the refusal of George W. Bush to bend to political and media pressure to drop it all.”

“Little aside, Cindy Sheehan does not believe that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but you won’t find her as a guest anymore on any of the mainstream media programs.”

“By the way, have you seen the picture of these clowns in the situation room from Sunday? Have you seen that picture? My gosh, what a letdown! CTU on 24 was more impressive! I mean, what a tiny situation room!”

“The left are doing all they can do to deny the obvious. They reject the methods and means that have been used to bring Bin Laden to his death, so they attack those of us who point it out.”

“You know, it’s amazing: I’ve gone from being hated to being loved to being really hated in 24 hours.”

“I’ve always heard it said that the ability to detect sarcasm and satire is a sign of mental acuity, and the media’s reaction to my monologue yesterday would seem to prove that that’s true. They just didn’t get it. Jerk met knee.”

“The bottom line is that SEAL Team Six had a different name when they were discussed by Democrats during the Bush administration — they were called ‘Cheney’s assassination ring’.”

“The primary obstacle to achieving Sunday’s result has been the Democrat Party, and they owe us an apology for their speeches, for their protests, for their lawsuits, and for their overall campaign to deny our military and our intelligence services the tools and techniques needed to defeat the enemy.”

“Ho-ho-ho, hot dogs wrapped in bacon! Somebody call Michelle Obama!”

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