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Rush’s Morning Update: Villains
October 15, 2009

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Well, folks, theDemocrats are salivating at the prospect of conquering another large swath of the private sector. The last time Democrats tried to ram through a health care takeover, their big villain was the drug industry; now Democrats are ratcheting up a smear campaign against the insurance industry. (They always need demons.)

In July, Nancy Pelosi labeled insurance companies “villains,” calling them “almost immoral.” This week, Senator Jay Rockefeller called Big Insurance “the greatest impediment to real health care reform.” Staffers of Senator Baucus told insurance lobbyists that criticism of his bill would be interpreted as a hostile act. To punish the insurance industry for their report warning premiums will rise under Democrat legislation, Senator “Chuck-U”Schumer is threatening to revoke their antitrust exemption. Insurance companies are now Public Enemy No. 1.

Another of their Public Enemies: those eeevil doctors. Obama himself claimed physicians needlessly operate on unsuspecting Americans, and overcharge for amputationsjust to enrich themselves.

Remember: Obama and theDemocrats also railed against Wall Street executives — before they took over that industry. They lambasted the villains who funded student loans –before they took them over. They also tore into the evil auto executives who flew their corporate jets to Washington for hearings — before they took over that industry.

Of course, Democrats never identify the biggest villainmost responsible for escalating health care costs, and that’s them.Federal programs they passed decades ago,which distorted the marketplace,are now rampant with fraud and they’re going bankrupt, and now they insist on doing it all over again…so they can bankrupt the entire country. It’s on purpose, too.

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