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Rush’s Morning Update: Kicked to the Curb!
October 9, 2009

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Christine Angarola is the spokesbabe for the Chicago office of Senator Dick Turban(Democrat-Illinois). Earlier this week, she scolded the management of WTAD-AM, the oldest radio station in Quincy, Illinois,and one of myaffiliates.

Ms. Angarola told the station they would no longer be sent media information from Turban’s office. Why? Because they had the audacity to broadcast it! They dared inform Quincy residents of Senator Turban’s plans to visit a local hospital,to hold a meeting on health care reform. For that crime, WTAD-AM– 930 on the dial– has been officially blackballed.

A note at the bottom of news releases sent by Turban’s officeadvises news outlets that the time and location of the senator’s visits are for “media planning purposes only”,and not to be shared with Turban’s constituents. But Mike Moyers,the general manager of STARadio Corporation(which owns the station),said that despite the directive, he thought it was important that citizens have a chance to approach their senator about health care.

Keep in mind: Democrats just allocated a half-million-dollar increase in the Congressional budget to publicize town meetings. But Dick Turban,the Senate’s second-in-command –behind Dingy Harry– wants no dealings with you Quincy common-trash voters. Who thehell do you think you are, anyway,to believe he should listen to your infantile concerns? If you’re not a big donor– get lost! Senator Dick Turban is royalty. You Quincy voters are dirt. Don’t ever again forget your place again, or they’ll sic Sebelius on you next time!

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