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RUSH: Get this, from State-Controlled Associated Press: ‘Al Qaeda’s role in Afghanistan has faded after eight years of war. Gone is the once-formidable network of camps and safe houses where Osama bin Laden and his mostly Arab operatives trained thousands of young Muslims to wage a global jihad. The group is left with fewer than 100 core fighters, according to the Obama administration.’ Wait a second, none of this makes any sense. Why don’t we just declare victory and get the hell out of there then? But more than that — and there’s a bunch of stories like this out there today, ‘Al-Qaeda barely exists anymore, down to a hundred and some odd core fighters, they don’t even really know where they all are.’

Well, wait a minute, what about Abu Ghraib? What about Guantanamo Bay? What about American values declining? What about all the terrorists that we created by going into Iraq? What about all the terrorists that we recruited and created by the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and at Club Gitmo? I thought all during the Iraq war, ladies and gentlemen, that terrorist recruitment was skyrocketing because George W. Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld were torturing prisoners, and I thought this meant that our values around the world had sunk to a new low and the rest of the world despised us and the terrorists were angry as hell at us, and, as such, they were recruiting new Al-Qaeda members left and right. It was the worst thing we could have done. Those two prisons and Iraq. And now, with Obama in charge, in the midst of a total mess in Afghanistan, State-Controlled AP runs a story saying that Al-Qaeda’s basically nonexistent?

Have you ever seen so much bad news and evidence that Barack Obama has the inside track on becoming the worst president in the nation’s history? America will once again succeed when Obama admits his policies and his arrogance have failed. And, of course, neither of those two will happen as long as he’s in the White House. I don’t have enough time here to list Obama’s failures, much less comment on them, and it’s not even a list. This is a catalog. The demise of the US dollar, a planet that is getting cooler, and the president says he has to impose a deeper recession on the country to stop nonexistent warming. The record-breaking cold weather stories alone would take three hours to report today. Ski places are opening earlier than ever. The first snow day in Idaho today because of overwhelming snow. Global sea ice is normal. There’s not any more of it, there’s not any less of it than there has been in the past 30 years. There may be a decrease in the North Pole ice and an increase in South Pole ice but overall, global polar ice, volume is the same.

The possibility of a double-dip recession is really a probability now. We have the likelihood that there’s going to be a big dip in commercial real estate coming down the pike in the next three to six months. And we got Bill Ayers out there — this is really funny — Bill Ayers is fishing for credit for writing Obama’s so-called autobiography. Yeah, I don’t buy this for a minute. Some blogger runs into Ayers at Reagan National Airport in Washington, identifies him or herself as a conservative. And Ayers blurts, ‘I wrote it. Why are you telling me this? I wrote it.’ I think Ayers is very much aware that all these people — I think he’s just trying to yank the chains of some gullible conservatives. But still even with Ayers doing this it’s out there now. It’s out there, mainstream, Ayers has put it there whether it’s a bogus story or not. So we have that out there. States like Illinois are billions of dollars in debt, it’s worse than it has been; unemployment is ascending. It’s not descending after Obama’s nonstimulating stimulus plan. Late-night comics are pounding the man they said there was nothing funny about, either him or his administration. The stories about degenerate czars have got Democrats on the warpath.

The man who said he had all the answers for Afghanistan now admits he doesn’t have a clue and has endless meetings about something he said he’d solved a year ago. We got the mess at Gitmo. They’re not going to close it down. They’re going to get rid of Greg Craig for supposedly botching it. We got the Iranian situation and the nuke situation. The UN speech still has people reeling as to how shallow and narcissistic it was. And, speaking of narcissism, we have the Olympics debacle and the speech he gave. This is a joke of an administration except it’s very, very real. I could go on and on and on listing all these problems. All this bad news, all of this evidence, it’s an endless stream of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama has failed already his country. And the only way America is going to succeed is for Obama to admit his failures and embrace what’s made the country great, and that ain’t going to happen.

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