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Rush’s Morning Update: Learn-able Moment!
October 7, 2009

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Next year, by order of one of Britain’s senior judges, up to 30 of the most dangerous terrorists in the UKwill be released from prison.

One such terrorist, designated “high-risk,” is a radical Islamic convertwho was found guilty in 2005 of possessing notes on how to fire mortar bombs. He was supposed to do 15 years, but he’s going to get out inApril. Others due to be released were found guilty of soliciting murder during the Danish cartoon protests, or gave assistance to suicide bombers.

The “rationale” of the British court? They say giving long sentences to convicted terrorists could “inflame” their terrorist buddies,rather than serve as a deterrent.

A spokesman for the UK probation service says: “Scores more terrorists will be released. Every single one that comes out will have to be supervised until their full sentence expires.” Supervised? I guaran-damn-tee you a bunch of them will join their “non-inflamed” buddies fighting us on the battlefield– just as the terrorists we released did.

This is more than a teachable moment, folks –this is a learn-able moment. If you haven’t learned it yet,learn it now. Not only is liberalism wrong about everything that matters, it’s now deadly.

Liberals in power are a threat to western civilization. While they’re ruthless in pursuit of power, they are weak in the face of evil,and their “compassion” for evildoers defies sanity. That applies to liberals here, liberals across the pond, and liberals in every corner of the world. Learn it.

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