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RUSH: Try this from Michigan, in the Washington Post: ‘In Michigan, A Yellow Light For Green Jobs.’ Let me sum this story up for you. Green jobs are not the answer. Green jobs in Michigan aren’t the answer to the economic woes.Well, guess what? This is a very telling argument against all liberal policies. They don’t work! They do the exact opposite of what is advertised. ‘Since taking office…’ Let me give you the first couple paragraphs first to put this in context. It’s in the Washington Post: ‘If the future of American manufacturing lies in green industries, the Michigan governor’s pursuit of jobs offers a cautionary tale. Four years ago, Jennifer M. Granholm set out to remake her state, which took an exceptional walloping with the decline of the auto industry, as a pioneer in creating environmentally friendly jobs. Today, however, jobs are still disappearing much faster than she can create them, raising questions about how long it will take Michigan and other hard-hit states to find new industries to employ their workers.’

She can’t ‘create’ a single job. Jennifer Granholm can’t even do hers very well! The template of this reporter is, ‘Oh, the government! They’re our saviors. ‘The Democrats have now learned, it’s easier to just expand benefits than to prevent layoffs and create new jobs; and Jennifer Granholm, oh, the jobs are disappearing just so ‘much faster than she can create them’! She’s a ditz! Pelosi is a ditz. Obama is a menace and a danger.

‘Since taking office in 2003, Granholm has created 163,300 positions…’ It’s just an out-and-out lie. Government does not ‘create’ jobs unless they hire people to work in government, and that’s not what these jobs are. And anyway, the 163,000 ‘positions’ that she claims she’s created is a number provided by her office. ‘She expects that a recent infusion of more than $1 billion from the Obama administration aimed at nurturing car battery and electric-vehicle projects will generate 40,000 more positions by 2020.’ Big whoop! It’s 2009. We ought to be creating 40,000 jobs a freaking day in this country! Given that there’s 9.8% unemployment, 40,000 new jobs a day ought to be being created right now and it could be done with the Limbaugh stimulus plan. (sigh) Forty thousand jobs by 2020 in the green sector, batteries and garbage for electric cars!

‘In the past decade, however, as the auto industry has grown smaller, Michigan has lost 870,000 jobs — about 632,000 of them during Granholm’s tenure.’ Notice Michigan has ‘lost’ the jobs, she hasn’t. She has ‘created’ 163,000 jobs, but Michigan has ‘lost’ 632,000 during her tenure. And that number, by the way, is ‘is expected to reach 1 million by late next year, the end of her term.’ So, in 15 months, we’re going to lose another 370,000 jobs, but Jennifer Granholm assures us that she’s going to create 40,000 new jobs in another 11 years. In 12, 14 months we’re going to lose 370,000, but fear not, folks! Forty thousand brand-new jobs in the green sector are going to be created by…2020. ‘In her effort to attract employers, the governor has taken up the latest arms in the economic arsenal — tax credits, loans, Super Bowl tickets and a willingness to travel as far as Japan for a weekend to try to persuade an auto parts company to bring more jobs to Michigan.

‘She has won solar and wind energy, electric car batteries, and movie production jobs. About 10,800 of the new positions came from overseas companies, according to her office, the fruits of visits to seven countries. ‘We have great bones as a state,’ she says. ‘We know how to build stuff. We will build on that strength and diversify this economy. We will lead the nation in creating jobs in renewable energy. We’re not going to be viewed as Luddites.” Forty thousand jobs in this stupid green sector in 11 years. And that’s going to be the leader, meaning no other state will come anywhere near 40,000 jobs in 11 years — and this stupid, worthless hoax-of-a-filled green sector! It’s all a freaking hoax, green jobs, windmills, electric cars, solar, it’s all a bag of manure! Forty thousand jobs in 11 years is going to lead the nation? Good God! Are we ever screwed! And this is after getting a billion dollars from that dunce Obama to help ignite the economy — and I’m only on the first page of this story! And I gotta take a break. And I need to take a break to calm down to get through the rest of this garbage.


RUSH: I’ve calmed down a little bit here. But I expect to get reworked up again as I go throughout rest of this lame story, Washington Post: ”In Michigan, A Yellow Light For Green Jobs.’ … Supporters and detractors alike call the 5-foot-7-inch blonde ‘Jenny the cheerleader’,’ talking about Jennifer Granholm here, ‘because of her relentless optimism. She prefers zealot. Those qualities were severely tested three years ago when appliance maker Electrolux closed–‘ you know, 40,000 new green jobs by 2020, 11 years, they’re bragging about it, 40,000 new green jobs which means, of course, that people who used to hold real good-paying jobs are not going to be cutting lawns because that’s going to be the extent of green jobs, mark my words. GE can invest in all the windmills with the Russians they want, and all the stupid solar panels everywhere they want. The vast majority of green jobs in this country are going to be in landscaping, lawn mowing and trimming the sidewalks and killing the weeds, which are also green.

Anyway, ‘Electrolux closed its century-old refrigerator plant in –‘ Electrolux, I thought they made vacuum cleaners? I didn’t even know they made refrigerators. You ever heard of an Electrolux refrigerator? Well, it doesn’t matter, Electrolux, no wonder they closed. ‘– Greenville, 160 miles northwest of Detroit, and moved to Mexico, taking 3,000 jobs from the town of 8,000. As Granholm told the story in her office, overlooking the state Capitol, tears welled up in her eyes.’ Well, that’s going to really help, the chickification of job loss. What do we do? We cry about it. (crying) That’s, okay we’ve got 40,000 brand-new green jobs coming in 11 years. In the next 14 months, Michigan is going to lose 370,000 more jobs. But don’t worry, Michiganders, 40,000 green jobs by 2020. The question is are there going to be 40,000 people left in Michigan in 2020?

‘Granholm visited with workers at an orchard near the plant within days of the last refrigerators coming off the assembly line, and the employees ate a ‘last supper’ of boxed lunches while a band played. Her staff had scheduled 45 minutes. She stayed three hours, listening to workers’ stories,’ and then crying, and that really helped. ”I went to say, ‘I’m sorry,” Granholm said. ‘We couldn’t save it. I can’t even say it now. I stayed until the last guy left.’ A 48-year-old man with tattoos and a ponytail –‘ who was probably at a presidential debate back in 1992, ‘– who had worked at the plant since high school, described how his grandfather and father had worked there, too. ‘He told me, ‘I don’t know anything else. Who is going to hire me?” the governor recalled. Granholm remembered coming home and telling her husband, ‘I just don’t know what to do for people.” What more can you do? The plant closes and you go spend three hours with them having a boxed lunch. You should feel great about it, you showed compassion, which is about all Democrats are good at anymore these days, and even that’s phony, fake, and trumped up. She went home to her husband, ‘What could I do to help people?’

I’ll give you some ideas: Quit! Resign! Cut taxes across the across the board. Buy up a bunch of tickets of the Detroit Lions so people can at least watch the games on television on Sunday again. At least keep ’em distracted for three hours, the team’s looking not that bad this year. A lot of things I would do if I were governor. Now, remember the point of this story is how green jobs are not going to bring the state back, that’s where all this is headed. ‘Although Granholm’s critics admire her determination and concede that creating jobs and transforming the economy are long-term goals, they say that she has not done enough to streamline state government and regulations and that she is too enamored of alternative-energy jobs, which they say represent a relatively small number of positions.’ Damn straight, 40,000 new jobs in 11 years. (laughing)

‘State Senate Majority Leader Michael Bishop (R) says Granholm has been remiss in not reshaping Michigan’s business tax. … ‘This is not a time for wimps,’ Granholm says to her two dozen cabinet members one recent morning. ‘The message is to continue to play offense — go get jobs.” Jenny, the jobs are leaving because of taxes. The jobs are leaving because nobody has any money to buy any products or services. The jobs are leaving because the cost of doing business in Michigan is such that it can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Too many government regulations, too many schools that are subpar. You can’t have green jobs or any job just because you want them. You can’t run around and talk about all these alternative energy jobs and brand-new green jobs. They don’t exist. And they won’t exist until the market creates them. Government’s not going to create them. Jeff Immelt at GE may think government’s going to create ’em. But they’re not. Government cannot create jobs. The market does that, and the market is being attacked, the market is being suppressed by this administration.


RUSH: Flat Rock, North Carolina. John, welcome to the program. I’m glad you called, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I was very interested in your story in the Washington Post about Jennifer Granholm, the Michigan governor. The first thing that struck me is this article is in a Washington, DC, paper; not in a Michigan paper. I think the Michigan news media has a different take on Governor Granholm. And to show you that I’m a perpetual student in the Limbaugh Institute, what this article describes is the ultimate resume enhancement for a promotion of the governor of Michigan to a senior Obama position.

RUSH: I can’t disagree with any of this.


RUSH: It’s very rare that a caller teaches me but when it happens I’m willing to acknowledge it. You’re absolutely right. The fact this ran in the Washington Post is curious. What do they care, unless they’re out there trying to further this notion of the Obama green sector but they end up trashing it so I don’t think that’s it.

CALLER: Well, there’s another angle on it, Rush.

RUSH: But your concluding that failure is resume enhancement for Democrats — i.e., look at Jimmy Carter — then you may indeed have a point here. What’s the other angle?

CALLER: The green jobs they mentioned, Rush — when they made the announcement, Biden and Granholm in Michigan — they referred to them as union jobs. Does that help?

RUSH: Help what? Help me understand something or help what?

CALLER: How she is positioning herself as a Democrat star of the green revolution.

RUSH: She may be, but there’s nobody gonna star in that green revolution.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: Folks, let me give you the numbers of this. This is incredible. I’m going to lose my temper again going through this. Michigan has lost, in her second term, 638,000 jobs. They’re going to lose another 370,000 by the end of next year. So in 15 months, 370,000 more jobs will be lost in Michigan. Jennifer Granholm is taking credit for the new ‘green job sector’ that she’s going to be creating: 40,000 new jobs in 11 years, by 2020! This is good news? This country is the United States of America. We ought to be creating that many jobs a day in this country, and to herald 40,000 jobs in 11 years in Michigan? Don’t make me laugh! That’s just absurd.

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