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RUSH: This morning in Washington, the House Financial Services Committee hearing chaired by Barney Frank, the Banking Queen. He was talking to the Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, who was testifying. Michele Bachmann, Republican, member of the committee said, ‘If you would first comment to me on Mr. Zoellick’s comments what your feelings are about replacing the dollar as international currency as potentially a new currency — and then if you would comment also on whether or not, in your opinion, ACORN would be covered by the new CFPAs.’

FRANK: Well, the I — I would just point out, there’s only three seconds remaining. So I don’t think —

BACHMANN: If I could have my time reclaimed so that my time would be used by the gentleman.

FRANK: No, you can’t.

BACHMANN: Will this come from my time?

FRANK: (banging gavel) (Bang! Bang!)

BACHMANN: Would this —

FRANK: No! (Bang!)

BACHMANN: Will this come from my time, Mr. Chairman?

FRANK: No, your time has… No… I, eh… I will finish, please. You… I’ve asked people before. There, er, are only three seconds left in your time when you got them. I can let him go on for a little while, but not… I don’t think he can give full answers to both questions. This practice of going right up to the end and then taking another minute or two is unfair to other members. I’ll give Mr. Bernanke 30 seconds to answer as much as he can and the rest in writing.

RUSH: Bang! Bang! Gavel. ‘You’re not going to answer that ACORN question, Ben Bernanke! That was the point of that. So once again, Barney Frank — who loves shutting down Republicans, whether he’s running the House, the whole House, or whether he’s running his entire committee.

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