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Rush’s Morning Update: Change?
September 30, 2009

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Well…. Looks like the Democrats’ fundraising advantage in the last few electionsmay be over. According toa terrifiedWashington Post, Republican campaign committees brought in about $2 million more in August than their Democrat counterparts. The reason whyhas Democrats (and the Washington Post) alarmed.

Wealthy Democrat donors are engaging in what the Post calls a “de facto boycott.” It’s their reaction to the endless hate speech that Democrats– includingObama– have directed at big business;rich Democrat wallets snapped shut.

Democrat fundraisers say that anti-big-business rhetoric has become so antagonisticthat it’s difficult to raise money on Wall Street. With the constant talk of capping CEO salaries and killing off bonuses,fundraisers don’t expect the tide to turn… because the dirty little secret is, despite the rap on Republicans as the party of “big business,” Democrats have long been in bed with Wall Street.

Another factor closing Democrat wallets isthe economy, which is still sucking wind despite the billions– trillions– of dollars in Democrat pork spending. Also, with Democrats controlling the legislative and executive branches, their activists have become more complacent.

Finally, something the Washington Post didn’t cover, and that’s ACORN. With money drying up, the last thing Democrats needed was for the lead “front group” to be exposed as a nationally corrupt enterprise. If you add all thisup,the Democrats worry that a perfect storm is brewing.

There’s a long way to go here, folks, but 2010 may well be a year of hope and change…for Republicans. Stay in it!

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