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RUSH: Last night Larry King Live, I didn’t know this because I was watching the Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football, but do you know who Larry King’s guest was last night on his show? Colonel Moammar Khadafy. We’ve put together here folks, just for you, a montage of questions that Larry King asked Moammar Khadafy last night on Larry King Alive.

KING (montage): Our special guest tonight is Brother Leader Moammar Khadafy. You used to be called Colonel. What changed from Colonel to Brother Leader? What did you think of the UN? Why did you tear up the UN charter? Why treat it with disrespect? What are your thoughts about our president, Barack Obama? Did you say he should be president forever? What do you think of Ahmadinejad? Do you like him? Do you know him? What do you think of him? What do you think should happen in Iraq? Should the United States leave Iraq? What about Afghanistan? You don’t think what Osama Bin Laden did was wrong? What’s your proudest achievement? What was your biggest mistake? No one’s perfect. Do you have a mistake that you wish you could do over? Would you like to sit down with our president? Thank you.

RUSH: All right, now, Larry King is asking a certifiable lunatic whack job questions like he’s a normal person. I guess every guest is just the same, just a celebrity. Moammar Khadafy is just a celebrity. Now, we have some answers. We do have some answers that Khadafy gave. It’s a short bite, 30 seconds here. But some of these are very interesting.

KHADAFY: My views are identical to the American views. We pray for him that he will be able to achieve the visions that he has in his mind and made it public and we are comfortable.

KING: Did you say he should be president forever?

KHADAFY: I hope so. I wish that.

KING: Why?

KHADAFY: Because the vision he has would save America, would save the world. His vision.

RUSH: So last night on Larry King Alive there’s huge news made here as a certifiable terrorist whack job, Moammar Khadafy says that his views are identical to our president’s. Now, in a normal, sane media world that would be news and then somebody would track down Obama and say, ‘Mr. President, Moammar Khadafy appeared on Larry King Live last night and said his views are identical to yours and he agrees with everything you say, that you’ve said, and thinks you should be president forever. What’s your reaction?’ Of course that will not happen.

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