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RUSH: Doesn’t believe what? Oh, oh, that. I can’t tell ’em that. I mean, that would constitute one of the biggest betrayals — I don’t know if I could tell them that. I got the personal seamstress coming by this afternoon, take some clothes in. (interruption) Was I doing what in my — what are you — all right, I told Snerdley, see, we went to a wedding on Saturday. Dawn got married, she’s now on her honeymoon, I went out there, it was out in Wellington, and we went to the reception at the Players Club, and Snerdley just told me, ‘Gosh, you know all these people came up to me after you left, said, ‘How much weight is he going to lose? Is he going to keep losing weight?” And Snerdley said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to keep going ’til people think he’s really sick. That’s his objective, that’s his goal.’ And I said, ‘They really said that?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘I gotta tell you what happened yesterday.’

I’m sitting there, we’re getting ready for Monday Night Football, it’s about I guess 7:25 or so, and I got a text message from Katie. She says: ‘Babe, I’m coming by to pick you up.’ She was coming over to watch the game. ‘I’m coming by to pick you up. We gotta go down to the end of the street. We gotta see the sunset. It’s the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.’ So I ran out, got in the car, drove down there, had the dog in the back of the car. Got down there, got out, looked at the sunset right there at the inlet, and I said to her, I said, ‘You know what? Why don’t you follow me back, I’m going to jog back. I need you to follow me so you can open the gate, let me in.’ And she was kind of looking at me like I’d gone insane, too. But she, ‘Okay, okay,’ so bam, I jog back. It wasn’t long, a fifth of a mile, it wasn’t long. So I jog back and Snerdley, I guess you just told Brian, Brian doesn’t believe this. You still don’t believe the story? I was wearing the shorts I wore yesterday. I was wearing a pair of Loudmouth golf shorts. I jogged back, big deal. I don’t know, I just got the urge, it was inviting, the street was empty except one lone bicyclist coming along and zoomed right past, and that was that.


RUSH: Folks, I need some advice here. I need some advice. I received an official request yesterday to be a judge in the Miss America Pageant. It is January 24th through the 31st next year. It takes place in Las Vegas. It is a week-long commitment. I would be away from the Golden EIB Microphone for a week I think. Maybe there’s a way to do a show from nine to noon out there, but they make it sound like it’s full-fledged all day, every day, with meetings, meeting with the contestants, judging the swimsuit, evening gown, talent portions and so forth, asking questions of the contestants. ‘Cause what you see on television is just the end of an intense week for the pageant contestants. Seven other judges, I don’t know the names of any others because I don’t know who else has committed to it. But I’m looking at the calendar and January 24th is a big NFL playoff week, we’re leading up to the Super Bowl. Celebrity golf tournaments, I haven’t played in any in a couple years but I might this year. The State of the Union show, yeah, it’s in that period of time because it was in February this year since he was only immaculated January 21st. Yeah, so probably a State of the Union show in there.

I can hear, ‘No, Rush, come on, don’t do it, a week away? The country can’t handle a week.’ I know, but there’s still something that’s intriguing about this, just from the standpoint that everybody thinks I’m a chauvinist sexist so forth, here I am out there judging the Miss America Pageant. I don’t know. I have to think about this. Hm-hm. (interruption) You think I should? Well, of course the people on the other side of the glass, ‘Whoa, we think you should go.’ Why should I go? (laughing) Snerdley wants to go. You know, it’s all-expenses-paid, which is no big deal to me. It’s at Planet Hollywood hotel and casino. All right, well, I just wanted to let you know and I am accepting feedback from any and all who care to offer it via e-mail.


RUSH: Well, here’s the first e-mail response to my request for input as to whether or not I should do the Miss America Pageant next January. ‘Come on, Rush! You’re not even qualified for this. You’re not gay and you’re not irrelevant enough to be a judge at one of these things. You either have to be gay or totally irrelevant to be a judge.’ Others are saying it’s a White House plot to keep me off the air for a week. Others are saying, ‘This is so beneath you. I can’t even think of you and the realm in which you live. I do not even think of you as a pageant judge. Why, I can’t believe this.’ Okay. That’s why I’m seeking feedback on this, folks. And it is pouring in. The vast majority of it I read during the break — and I took a lot of time reading it, and the e-mails are pouring in. The overwhelmingly sentiment is do it.


RUSH: As I mentioned earlier if you’re just joining us, I’ve been asked, invited, whatever, to serve as a judge in the Miss America Pageant January 24th through 31st in Las Vegas. So I asked the audience for some feedback, ‘Should I do this or not?’ because it’s a week long commitment and from the invitation it looks like I’d have to miss a whole week. I can’t do that, I’d have to do at least two or three days of shows out there from nine to noon, but I don’t know what the schedule is. They say it’s a week long, heavy equipment. For example, you arrive out there on a Sunday at noon and the first meeting is at two o’clock in the afternoon, there’s not even enough time to hit the casino. It’s at the Planet Hollywood thing.

Now, among the people who think I should do it, are these reasons. ‘You could say that you’re going to be a judge to do research into why women that age are so sad and depressed and unhappy.’ Well, you don’t know this, Rachel, but the Huffington Post has a new blog about why women are so unhappy. And I could probably fix that single-handedly. ‘So you could say you’re going to be a judge and do research into why.’ Here’s another series of reasons why I should do it. ‘You can show Perez Hilton how to be professional and have class.’ ‘We would all be able to officially call you Judge Limbaugh. After all, you do come from a long line of judges in your family.’ Once you officially judge beautiful women, it makes you an expert on beautiful women and gives you the right to talk about beautiful women as it relates to the women’s movement.’ I’ve always said I love the women’s movement, especially walking behind it. Number four, ‘It will drive the libs crazy.’ And five, ‘You may never get this opportunity again.’ There are all kinds of ideas and reasons that I should do this surfacing out there.


RUSH: All right, Bruce in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m glad you called, sir. I appreciate your patience in waiting, and welcome.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Two quick points on the Miss America judgment. I think you should do it because me and my friends already refer to you as the ‘Hugh Hefner of the Airwaves’ because of the all the raving females that often openly flirt with you on the air so I think you fit right in.

RUSH: You know, it’s interesting. I was just checking some media news during the break and get this. Sometime in October NBC News is going to do a month-long series of reports. Here, let me call it up. I want to get this in. Maria Shriver is doing it, a month-long series of reports on ‘the State of Women in America.’ Well, last week we had these stories about how women are unhappy and miserable and unfulfilled — and of course the answer to that is: Only those who bought into militant feminism in the early seventies on are miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled. But they’re going to do a whole story on it and Maria Shriver is doing the thing. So, you know, then I show up at a beauty pageant as a judge. (stifling laughter) So I appreciate your sentiment on that. You think I should do it.

CALLER: Second point —

RUSH: Raving flirtatious women that you hear on the radio with me.

CALLER: All the time. (chuckling)

RUSH: All the time.

CALLER: Yeah, some of them are calling about politics, but —

RUSH: I handle that professionally, though, I think you’d agree.

CALLER: You do.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But my second point is that point you touched on earlier. There’s one thing that frustrates and angers me more than anything in politics and that is the all-too-often Republican acceptance of the Democrats’ propaganda. We expect the Democrats to spew out their twisted propaganda, and we expect the networks and the media to amplify everything that the Democrats say, but basically I just can’t understand why people don’t see that every time there is a rising star in Republican politics, every time that these Democrats put together a very strategic and organized campaign to knock that person down. From Clarence Thomas, to, you know, Newt Gingrich, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Ken Starr —

RUSH: It’s to destroy ’em. It’s not to knock ’em down; it’s to destroy ’em.

CALLER: Well, it is, but the thing is there’s always a certain percentage of Republicans that splinter off. And I’ll just give you a specific example. When Newt Gingrich came to power in ’94 with the Republican revolution, he was just the general, the architect of that whole thing. And I was just so furious with the Republican Party when basically he was just climbing and rising, and the power of the Republicans was just more pronounced than ever, and then all the attacks came, and I’m telling you… It was from Gephardt and Bonior, and there was specific — the plan was attack after attack after attack. It was charge after charge after charge. And the Democrats really don’t have truth for truth’s sake, they have truth by reputation. If they get on all the networks and they all say the same thing —

RUSH: Wait a minute. We’re running out of time here. What upset you about that?

CALLER: Well, it’s just that the Republicans, you know, they splinter off. I remember Steve — I really wanted that guy to win. He was one of the first people that splintered off and started getting with the Democrats. ‘Oh, well, this Newt Gingrich is a bad guy. Stay away from him,’ and all that, one of the best men around. Newt Gingrich, in my opinion, is the Thomas Jefferson of our time. He is just one of the best people around. I mean, he’s intelligent, just got a vision for America — and everybody splintered off in a way and they do it again and again and again and it’s happening now again with Sarah Palin.

RUSH: Well, that situation you’re describing with Newt, there were some internal things going on in there that you may not understand. It was not about policy. It was not about policy. The Sarah Palin business, times have changed. People are scared to death of the media. They don’t want the media mad at them.

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