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RUSH: What do I always say? I always say that failure is a resume enhancement if you’re a Democrat, if you’re a member of the Democrat Party. They elevate their failures to the top of the heap, and the most glittering jewel example of this is Jimmy Carter, the National Hemorrhoid, the worst president in the history of the country — well, worst president in the twentieth century and maybe in the history of the country, is now a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He gets the chair emeritus at every Democrat National Convention. He runs around and says, yep, you’re a racist country because you criticize this poor black boy from Chicago, Barack Obama. Jimmy Carter, who ought to be, for the Democrats, a national embarrassment. They ought to hope Jimmy Carter will go back to pounding nails at Habitat for Humanity and never show up. But, no, they celebrate Jimmy Carter. He is nothing but an embarrassment and a failure. He presided over the destruction of the US economy, as Obama is doing.

Well, get this. From the Boston Globe: ‘The Massachusetts Senate could vote as early as today on a bill to let Governor Patrick name an interim replacement for Senator Edward Kennedy. State senators should pass the measure, and Patrick should be ready to make an appointment quickly. The best choice to fill the vacancy is former governor Michael S. Dukakis,’ The Loser. Dukakis, one of the most boring individuals to ever walk the earth. This guy would make drying paint bore. He lost the election to George H.W. Bush in 1988. He posed in the tank with the Beetle Bailey helmet on out there. Bernard Shaw of CNN asked him, ‘What would you think about capital punishment if your wife was raped and murdered?’ And he sat there, well, you know, Bernard, I really think very, very deeply about capital punishment. I’m really dead set against it, and nobody could believe it. Governor, you were just asked what happens if your wife gets raped and murdered, and you showed no emotion or passion. You address the answer as an academic, as though it’s an academic question when it’s happening for real all over the country and you’re going to be president, the man who freed Willie Horton, and this is the man who Democrats want to replace Senator Kennedy?

A glittering failure in Democrat Party politics. I know he was once the governor of Massachusetts, but anybody can get elected to that. The current governor proves it. So resume enhancement is failure, and they’re going to put The Loser in there as the interim replacement for Ted Kennedy. We’re going to dig out some music that they played at a Dukakis rally late in the campaign ’88 trying to save the day.


RUSH: All right, ladies and gentlemen, Michael Dukakis, as you know, speaking of losers, proving my old adage that the quickest way to rise in stature in the Democrat Party is to fail royally at something, a la Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis failed royally in his run for the presidency in 1988. That was the year this program started, August 1st, 1988. Dukakis was way up in the polls, even into September, 20-point lead in the polls then the convention happened, then the Beetle Bailey episode, and then the Willie Horton ad, and then his stupid answer to the question posed by Bernard Shaw, ‘What would do you if your wife were raped and murdered,’ and blah, blah, blah. So he had this one last fundraising meeting at a big rally in Boston, had a band in there, and it was just typical of the Dukakis campaign. We have two parts, here’s the first part of the band, you know, tuning up here, and they are getting ready to open the curtains. It’s all going on behind the curtains and here we go, open the curtains, really rev up the crowd there, spend some money, go out there, lotta energy and really get it done for Dukakis. This was the tune-up.

(playing of song)

No, Dukakis was not on stage yet, nobody was on stage. I mean, the podium there was. They were milling around in the hall, the curtains were closed, the band was tuning up here, the big Dukakis entrance on the stage and that’s when the real song began, that’s coming up in just a second. I want you to hear the tune-up first. All right, now, they tune-up. Now, folks, it’s about ten minutes later, and there’s a buzz in the crowd, bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz. Because Dukakis and Kitty, his wife — Dukakis could not ever play third base, by the way, Major League Baseball because he could not see over the pitcher’s mound to throw to first. He’s a diminutive little figure out there, perfect liberal. He walks out on stage, the curtains open, and the band hits it.

(playing of song)

This is actual music of the Dukakis campaign rally. Dukakis is on stage now, the crowd’s applauding. It’s just so typical. It typified the campaign at that stage.

(continued playing of song)

Dukakis, the reason we’re doing this, he’s been nominated, looks like the interim replacement for Senator Kennedy in the US Senate. Fail and you rise in stature in that party. And, of course, it didn’t work. Just as the music was a dud, so was the rest of the Dukakis campaign.

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