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RUSH: A.J. in Houston, A.J. thanks for waiting. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Big time Rush, man, I’m glad to talk to you, baby. I hadn’t talked to you since January when we was trying to warn the people about Obama, and I’m appalled because at my age, race relations was beautiful as we got everything back going in America, and this president and his cronies that’s around him has set us back 50 years. I’m going to say 50 —

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: — because of the fact that this man has undermined what black people are trying to do. Of course, you know, there’s a such —

RUSH: Wait a second, A.J., how has President Obama set back race relations 50 years? I want to hear your theory on this.

CALLER: Because, Rush, as a black man, I didn’t vote for him, but I am proud to see that black folk finally got up there to the White House. But, Rush, when you get there, do something with it, don’t just stand around and laugh and joke and loll it up. Get something done, man. Go in these neighborhoods and get these people together.

RUSH: Hey, A.J., he’s destroying the private sector, he’s doing quite a bit out there, my man.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He’s just not standing around Joe Cool smoking a cigarette having a cocktail.

CALLER: He’s doing the opposite of what I would love to see. Don’t he know if he did that and made the world better, get jobs, and I say that again, jobs for the so-called people.

RUSH: No, no, no, A.J., you missed the last story. It’s good that people aren’t hiring, I have it here in the New York Times.

CALLER: I know! I know! And I love your sarcasm. But, Rush, I am living it, of what this man is doing to our economy. He’s taking America down! Is this treason or what? Him and these media people, it’s treason what they doing to America. I’m just a common, everyday person, and I know it don’t take what he doing to run this country. I can do better than that. He came in on Bush’s one trillion. Why don’t you doggone give a tax cut to the big man? I don’t care about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You mess with the big man, they going to move their businesses. You ever see a poor man giving anybody a job, Rush? Never! So why you messing with the big man? Calm down, give the big man, middleman, little man a tax cut, we’d have been out of that deal with Bush and (unintelligible), and it was a good trillion because Pelosi and them was with Bush two years and never signed nothing, and now they want to act like they signing everything.

You know what? And Bush may (unintelligible) get Pelosi for that and he didn’t get the media, and the media, it’s treason what they doing to this country. ABC, CBS, NBC, all them, why are they on the air? They doing us no service. They doing this country a disservice right now. Fox News is the only one giving you both sides of the story. What is wrong with these people in America? And black folk, you done lost your mind. Wake up and smell what this man giving you. It’s not what it seems, people. If you don’t wake up and go to work every morning you ain’t going to get nothing. Don’t stand around with your hand out waiting for somebody to give you something. Get these kids in school, get their pants on their butts, teach ’em something. If you don’t like what school is doing, go somewhere else. But, Rush, this man can get on the air right now and tell everybody — and Carter, he needs to go somewhere and sit down ’cause he just started this junk all over again —

RUSH: He can’t sit down, he’s a hemorrhoid.

CALLER: Well, Rush, he’s hurting the black folks with this racial game. I’m so sorry. The good black folks at work every day and do things to make their kids be prosperous. My kid is in college. He’s coming out, what the heck is he gonna come out, too? And then if I was a white man, if I see a black man come in my office, I wouldn’t touch him because of the fact I don’t know what his ideology is with what these people are doing right now. And that’s just a bad thing to say, because I don’t know what he’s going to do. Rush, this man is killing the black folk, man. We had it going on. We had it going on, and now I don’t know what to say, black folks running around think stuff don’t stink cuz Obama’s in office. Rush, I’m so sick of it. Black folk, wake up. The smart ones, wake up. Don’t follow this man off the cliff.

RUSH: That is A.J. in Houston who is —

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: — not a jackass.


RUSH: Well, look here. This ought to be at least fairness and balance to A.J. in Houston. Here is Lorraine X from San Diego. Lorraine X, welcome back to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush. It’s been a while. You know, Rush, um, you conservative Republicans have spent months calling President Obama a Marxist, a socialist, a Nazi, tyrannical —

RUSH: Ugh.

CALLER: — for months now — Just hold on.

RUSH: Wait just a second, now, Lorraine X.

CALLER: Uh huh?

RUSH: Marxist, socialist, fascist, yes. I never called him a Nazi. That’s what his people are calling us.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Okay. Well, and — and what you did for months now you’ve played the race card calling President Obama a racist. Remember all the discussion over Glenn Beck — who, by the way, is an actual racist — calling President Obama a racist? So why don’t you tell me: Who introduced racism into this thing first if it wasn’t conservatives?

RUSH: Uhhh.


RUSH: Wait, wait. Uhhhhhhm. Lorraine X, I’m trying to —

CALLER: (interrupting)

RUSH: I’m trying to remember. Wait just a minute.

CALLER: Glenn Beck called him a racist.

RUSH: Lorraine X, will you just chill?


RUSH: Okay. I know Glenn said he doesn’t like white people.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: I don’t remember if I’ve called him a racist. I know I’ve said that he’s got a racist chip on his shoulder. I think he’s an angry guy. I think the Constitution ticks him off.

CALLER: You introduced race into this thing. You introduced it some time ago.

RUSH: The bottom line here, Lorraine X, is it’s the truth. The things that we’re saying here are the truth. This man and his agents are out there distorting the mind-set and the opinions of decent Americans, and they’ve been doing it. This is how this man is running against the American people.

CALLER: Wait a minute, hold on.

CALLER: Rush, okay you’re saying that if the truth and he’s a racist. Are you telling me that it is not the truth when Jimmy Carter said? Tell me what was a lie about what Jimmy Carter stated about racism in this country. What’s the lie now?

RUSH: Very simple. Did you hear A.J. from Houston?

CALLER: I heard that Stepin Fetchit. By the way, he’s a illegal joke!

RUSH: A.J. from Houston is somebody you need to listen to because race relations have been set back 50 years because of what this president is allowing to happen in his name with Jimmy Carter, the national hemorrhoid getting out there and entering this fray. The opposition to Obama is not based on race, Lorraine.

CALLER: He didn’t say ‘all of it,’ Rush. That’s the problem. That’s a problem. He didn’t say ‘all of it.’

RUSH: Let me tell you something. I think Jimmy Carter is just as bad and just as incompetent as Obama is. Does it make me a racist?

CALLER: Incompetent?

RUSH: How can it be that I am racist when I say that about Obama but not racist when I say it about Carter? The disagreement that people have with Barack Obama is sub-stan-tive, Lorraine. It is based on real things that he is doing and destroying in the private sector. Race has nothing to do with this. People love their country! I predicted all of this. I predicted everything that’s happening. I said, ‘It’s going to get to the point…’ Because people called me and said, ‘Rush, Rush, Rush? Don’t you think electing a black president will end racism, get over the hump there?’ I said, ‘No, no, no. You don’t understand the race business. It’s going to get worse. The race hustlers, the race industry is going to grow. Any criticism of Obama will eventually be said to be racist.’ It’s happening right before our very eyes. It’s not a racist country, Lorraine. It’s not 1864; it’s not 1964. It’s time you woke up. We’ll be back. Stay with us.

OBAMA: He’s a jackass.

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