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RUSH: You know, Colleen from Virginia Beach was our last caller, and she said she was at the rally on Saturday. She ran into a liberal, young 25-year-old guy arguing with her about the health care bill, and he was insistent — ’cause he’d worked for Ted Kennedy and because he’s heard Obama say so — that abortions were not covered with taxpayer dollars in the current health care bill, and she said, ‘Oh, it’s there. Sure,’ and supposedly he went online on his BlackBerry and found out, ‘Oh, they are covered. I’m sorry,’ and apologized, which I’ve never heard of that happening before. But here’s the thing: ‘All you need to know proof-wise any time you hear a claim from the Obamacare crowd such as, ‘Abortions are not covered in my health care bill,’ if that is so, why wasn’t the pro-choice crowd storming the gates of the White House?

‘Federally funded, federally funded abortions are not part of my health care bill and never will be and they haven’t been.’ Then why aren’t the feminazis showing up with tanks and bulldozers at the White House? By the same token, ‘My health care bill, Joe Wilson said I lied? He lied! My health care bill does not cover illegals.’ If that’s so, how come La Raza was not storming the gates of the White House? How come the pro-amnesty crowd was not up in arms? They all know the truth. They all know that abortions are covered and will be covered in any Obama health care plan, and the same thing with medical coverage for illegals. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gone through the sound bites today here on the EIB Network and the leftist State-Run Media is talking about ‘the dark mood,’ the conspiracy theories, the dark undercurrent. ‘Death camps! People comparing Obama to Hitler.’ Of course that was the LaRouche Democrats doing that.

The point is they’re always out there talking about the nut ball fringe of the right. Think the whacked-out birthers or the wing nuts. And, you know, we got some people on the edge on our side. I’d be a fool to deny that. We got some wackos on our side. But here’s the difference: The left’s wackos now hold office. The left’s wackos are making the nation’s laws. The left’s wackos populate the White House. You want to talk about fringes, you have to mention the leftists. They’ve got their ‘truthers,’ their 9/11 nutcases, but they’ve got Pelosi. They’ve got Harry Reid. They’ve got Maxine Waters. They’ve got… What’s this woman that replaced Mickey Leland? I’m having a mental block. Well, Barbara Lee is from California. She’s a nutcase. But… Yeah, and they hired Van Jones. So, we have our wackos and they’re safely out on the fringe. The left’s wackos are in Congress and in the White House, and they are writing the nation’s laws. That is the big difference. You want to hear from one of these leftist wackos? Face the Nation yesterday morning, Bob Schieffer talking to White House advisor David Axelrod. ‘What do you make of the big protest out there on Saturday?’ What’s the message?’ Number ten.

AXELROD: I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood. In fact, I don’t believe that some of the angriest, most strident voices we saw during the summer, uhhh, were representative of the thousands of town hall meetings that went on around the country that came off peacefully, that were constructive, people, uhh, voicing their, uhhh, points of view. One of the great things about our country is people can express themselves, even if they’re not representative of the majority. Your own poll, which was taken after the president’s speech, suggests that they don’t represent, uhhh, a mainstream view, uhhh, of this health care plan, and so, uhhh, you know, I — I don’t think we ought to be, uhh, distracted, uhhh, by that.

RUSH: What? What poll? The only ‘polls,’ plural, I’ve seen show a majority disapproval with the Obama health care plan. Now, he did get a bump after the speech in Rasmussen. He did get a bump, but he got the bump personally, not health care-wise. But what poll is he talking about here? The opposition to Obama health care is in fact mainstream. Then Bob Schieffer said, ‘Well, why doesn’t the president just say, ‘We don’t have the votes to pass this? We have the votes, perhaps, to pass a lot of other things’? Just put that aside and say…’ These guys are just so obsessed with the process. You know, that’s Bob Schieffer and all these Beltway types, they’re just obsessed with the process. They think the greatest thing in the world is when somebody proposes ‘a bill.’ Then there’s ‘a bill’ out there to talk about. The piece of legislation. And what’s the process? ‘Is the president going to win? Are we gonna get the bill?’ We don’t need the friggin’ bill! We don’t need this friggin’ bill! We don’t need the cap in cap-and-trade bill! We don’t need half the bills or any of the bills Obama’s proposed. Screw the bills. This is the bottom line. These guys all get caught up in the process, ‘is Obama going to get the bill passed?’ It’s a rotten bill! It stinks, Mr. Schieffer. It’s stupid. This is not a game. It’s not a horse race. We’re talking about the future of the country. That’s why people are out there in droves. So anyway he asks Axelrod, ‘He said the public option wasn’t crucial to the plan. He said he still liked it, why didn’t he go for something that will pass?

AXELROD: He continues to believe it’s a good idea, continues to advocate it. And I’m not willing to accept that it’s not going to be in the final package.

RUSH: Bottom line is: ‘Screw all of you who don’t want the government running health care! It doesn’t matter what you want. You’re not representative of a majority of America anyway.’ But here’s Olympia Snowe on CBS Face the Nation yesterday morning. Bob Schieffer: ‘Did the president take the public option off the table the other night or should he be more specific about it?’

SNOWE: He should be more specific. In fact, now I urge the president to take the public option off the table because it’s universally opposed by our Republicans in the Senate and therefore there’s no way to pass a plan that includes the public option.

RUSH: Remember they were reporting Olympia Snowe was all for the public option up until last week when she came out and said: Wait a minute, I’m not for the public option! She says it’s ‘universally opposed by the Republicans in the Senate.’ Well, that’s a problem. But, no, it’s not. No, it’s not. They’ll replace Ted Kennedy soon enough. They get back to 60 votes, but they’re not going to go the 60 votes route. They’re going to go 61 votes. They’re going to go reconciliation. ‘Screw you’ is their motto.

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