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Rush’s Morning Update: Some People
Original Airdate: August 3, 2009

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A South Carolina man, 50-year-old Rodell Vereen, has been sent to jail for the crime of buggery. No, he was not caught bugging someone’s phone conversations; RodellVereen’s buggery involved a horse of a different color. Last year, Rodell Vereen was placed on the state’s sex offender list after pleading guilty for… uh… sharing intimacies with a horse.

One would think that after such a notorious incidentthere would be a dramatic change in behavior. One would be wrong. Early this month, Rodell Vereen visited the stable again, and hooked up(so to speak)with the same horse. The buggery was captured on a surveillance camera. When Vereen showed up for yet a third “conjugal visit,” stable owner Barbara Kenley was waiting for him. Only this time, there would be no horsing around; Kenley was armed with a shotgun. She considered shooting the would-be lover,but instead called police. Cops escorted the hot-to-trotRodell Vereen to jail,where we hope he’s still cooling his jets — among other things.

Remember, in 2005 we learned buggery is not a crime everywhere. Police in Washington State decided no crime was involved after a Seattle man died as a result of his intimate visit with a horsebecause the horse was uninjured, and nobody could prove the horse didn’t like it. So, if only Rodell Vereen had relocated to a more buggery-tolerant state, he could have saved himself jail timeand found his true love.

I guesssome people just never learn, and that, my friends,is no bull.

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