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“It’s a mistake for the left to pit me against the president, because I don’t buckle.”

“When Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, the top marginal tax rate was 70%. When Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, the top marginal tax rate was 28%. The only way you can say his tax cuts didn’t lift us out of a recession is if you want to lie like Bill Clinton did.”

“Stop trash-talking the economy, Obama. Stop using people’s emotions to further your political ambitions.”

“If government spending is the salve, then why stop at $1 trillion? It’s sort of like the same argument I make about the minimum wage. If $10 an hour is so great, why not $20 and hour? In fact, why not $50?”

“I don’t want to appear overly confident here, but they may try for their Gang of 14, but I have a gang of 20 million. And our gang of 20 million will overwhelm their Gang of 14.”

“I’ve been using the Heritage Foundation since the first moment I discovered them, when I learned that they were heavy architects behind Reagan administration policy. They’re quality, class people: they’re us. They’re scholars, but they’re not eggheads.”

“It’s part of being sophisticated: liberals care about their jawline as much as they do their waistline.”

“You want to know how to teach socialism to a kid that doesn’t understand it? ‘Give me all the toys in your room. Why? Because they’re not yours. Why? Because some other kid doesn’t have any.'”

“The president is having a Super Bowl party at the White House. Was I invited? No! And why? Because he knows I’m not going to change my mind about anything. He also knows I have a better theater with a better TV than he has in the White House.”

“There’s not a fire hydrant around that could put me out.”

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