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RUSH: I discussed with you last week a guy at Andrew Breitbart’s web page, http://BigHollywood.Breitbart.com. He used to write for a late-night show and he studies them now for their impact on the youths of American pop culture. And he’s been chronicling how some of the late-night comedians, particularly Jon Stewart, are now starting to make fun of Obama. As an example: ‘Last week’s Daily Show also featured a montage of the President refuting criticisms of his health care plan. After the string of presidential rebuttals Stewart concluded, ‘You know a sales pitch is in trouble when it starts with, ‘Look, you’ve got to trust me. We’re not going to kill your grandparents.” Now, that wouldn’t have happened two months ago or one month ago.

From The Politico yesterday: ‘President Barack Obama is warning Americans not to believe ‘rumors’ that the health reform initiative he’s pushing will lead to a government-run health care system or push Medicare recipients to die rather than running up a hefty tab for medical services. ‘Let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia, or cut Medicaid, or bring about a government takeover of health care. That’s simply not true,’ Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address…’ Here’s my question, and I’m dead serious. How can Obama say what his plan does when he does not have a plan? This is not insignificant. Obama does not have a plan.

When Obama says what is or isn’t in his plan, it’s a head fake because there isn’t a plan! The only plan that’s out there is the House plan, 1,100 pages. There are four different Senate plans but we haven’t seen ’em all ’cause they’re still in committee. Barack Obama cannot produce a plan that spells out anything. Now, if he wants to rely on the House legislation, he should say so. If he’s making comments… But he better be very careful, because there are provisions galore for factoring your death when you reach a certain seasoned citizen age. There are facts and proposals and pages galore of how health care is going to be rationed. But, again, the president is misleading the American people because when he says what ‘his plan’ does or doesn’t do, he doesn’t have a plan!

The White House has not put out a plan. (interruption) Have you seen it, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Well, I don’t know that the Democrat plan is his plan by virtue of him being head of the party because what he’s saying about that plan isn’t true! This is why I’m making the point. He says that there’s no euthanasia in it. Well, maybe there’s no euthanasia by actually giving them hemlock, but there’s euthanasia by denying them the medical treatment based on certain things. What else? It’s in there. If he says it’s not in there then it can’t be the House plan he’s talking about. If he says, ‘There’s no way you’re going to lose your private insurance or your doctor; if you like it you can keep it,’ he can’t be talking about the House plan because you will lose your private insurance and your doctor. It’s on page 16 in the House plan.

I’m just saying: How can Obama say what his plan does when he doesn’t have a plan? He can’t produce one that spells out anything. So if he’s relying on the House bill like you point out, then he should say so. Otherwise he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Otherwise, he’s just lying to everybody. Did we all make this up, all these concerns we have? Did we all make this up? No. We read the House bill. Now, he’s telling us that what we’ve read is not in the plan. Okay. Not to be broken record, but where in hell is the plan, then? Would somebody show me the freaking plan? It’s just like I want to see the plan for jobs. We’ve got a Porkulus stimulus bill, but I want to see the plan for jobs. He says we’re in recovery and we’re being rescued. I want to see it! I don’t see it happening out there. What is he looking at? Government workers being hired like in California?

California hired 3,600 more government workers the other day. Now, people at Power Line, our good buddies over there John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff. (Maybe it’s Hinderaker. I’ve not heard their names pronounced.) ‘An Honest Look at the House Dems’ End-of-Life Counseling Regime — Democratic politicians and the [State-Controlled Media] consider it a given that concerns about the ‘end-of-life counseling’ provision in Section 1233 of a House-drafted version of health care legislation are nothing but the unfounded product of right-wing fear-mongering. But Charles Lane of the Washington Post… has taken a careful look at Section 1233 and finds that he too is concerned. The federal govenment (sic) should not be in the business of skewing end-of-life counsel, and thus end-of-life decisions.’ The Washington Post has looked at it, and even their guy is a little troubled here about where this could lead. So, Mr. President, even your State-Controlled Media has seen what you say isn’t there.


RUSH: Well, Charles Lane of the Washington Post says: ‘You don’t have to be a right-wing wacko to question’ the presidents approach here on end-of-life decisions in the health care bill. So the Washington Post, state-controlled, is providing a little problem for the president here, but at the same time they’re helping out and preparing for swine flu’s return. It’s going to be worse than ever! Once we get to the wintertime, just in time in the vote on health care, swine flu will ravage your children at school.


RUSH: Now, what people have said is, there is. There’s end-of-life counseling, mandatory government end-of-life counseling in the House health care bill. Charles Lane, Washington Post: ‘Ideally, the delicate decisions about how to manage life’s end would be made in a setting that is neutral in both appearance and fact. Yes, it’s good to have a doctor’s perspective. But Section 1233 [of the House bill] goes beyond facilitating doctor input to preferring it. Indeed, the measure would have an interested party — the government — recruit doctors to sell the elderly on living wills, hospice care and their associated providers, professions and organizations.

‘You don’t have to be a right-wing wacko to question that approach,’ writes Mr. Lane. So it’s why I say, when the president starts talking about his plan, what the hell is it? ‘Cause he’s talking about something nobody’s seen. What we’ve seen is not what he’s talking about, unless he’s lying.

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