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Rush’s Morning Update: Organize!
August 11, 2009

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Over the weekend, Democrat senators Dick Durbin and Tom Harkin echoed the Democrat Party line. They accused Americans who oppose nationalized health careof being part of some kind of conspiracy. Obama used his weekly address to counter supposed “disinformation” about the Democrats’ plan– as if people are too stupid to know what they’ve actually read in Democrat proposals. When they weren’t giving Obama advice on how to regain momentum, liberal activists posing as journalists in state-controlled media repeated White House talking points that town hall meetings are rigged against poor old Democrats by a shadowy group of unnamed conservatives (led by me, of course: the Mobfather).

For those of you concerned that town meetings about health care are being “organized,” you’re right:There is, and has been, an organized health care steamroller –from Congress!

Democrats have fashioned a series of proposals that will protect themselves and their political donor base at your expense. Trial lawyers benefit enormously under the Democrats’ plans;they are being protected from any effort to curtail the lawsuits that have exponentially driven up malpractice insurance and health care costs. Unions will be tremendous beneficiaries as well, and Congress– as usual– will exempt itself from whatever plan they impose on the rest of us.

Speaking of organization,the Democrat plan covertly delivers your medical and banking information to bureaucrats, who will also be hand-selected by Democrats. Liberal Democrats have long been organizing in order to gain control over our lives and freedom. It’s abouttime we see organized opposition to this crap! Keep it up!

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