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RUSH: In Atlanta last week town hall meeting constituent urologist Dr. Brian Hill asked Representative David Scott of Georgia, ‘Why are you voting for a health plan that’s shown not to work in Massachusetts, and why are you going to institute that in a statewide, nationwide manner?’

SCOTT: I haven’t voted on any bill.

DR. HILL: Are you planning on voting on that bill?

SCOTT: I don’t know.

DR. HILL: That’s an easy-out response.

CROWD: (groans)

DR. HILL: Do you support a government-run option? How about that?

SCOTT: Yes, I do. And I’m listening to MY constituents, okay? These are people who live in the 13th Congressional District, who vote in this district. That’s who I’ve got to respond to, okay?

DR. HILL: That’s me.

SCOTT: (screaming) This is not a health care event! You’ve made the choice to come here! Not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting, okay? Then do that. Do that! But don’t, don’t come and take advantage of what these individuals have done! You want a meeting with me on health care, I’ll give it to you!

RUSH: All right, so that’s the congressman, David Scott, screaming at a doctor in a town hall meeting. It turns out the doctor’s not a Republican. He’s an independent. He’s concerned, and he was treated like dirt by his congressman.

DR. HILL: I did not go to a meeting to create any problems. I went to the meeting to literally ask a question that I thought was very, very important for my patients. I’ve asked, ‘Is he going to be having health care forums? Is he going to have an area where we can actually address his thoughts and express our ideas and our thoughts as well?’ and I was told no, and that’s why I said to myself, ‘I then need to go to an area where a where we we’ve got access to him. We depend on our congressmen to really do what’s right for us and I just really don’t see that happening.

RUSH: It’s happening all over the country. People are not taking it. When a congressman starts yelling at you for being impunity and a snob and being disrespectful that’s when you say, ‘Why don’t you just get on your jet and fly home then fly back to Washington? We don’t need you here.’ By the way, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have an op-ed in USA Today today. The headline says it all: ”Un-American’ Attacks Cannot Derail Health Care Debate.’ So those of you showing up at town hall meetings, Nancy Pelosi first calls you Nazis by saying you’re running around with swastika signs, and now she and Steny Hoyer in an op-ed have said you are ‘un-American.’

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