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“If you are productive, if you work, if you are successful, if you create wealth, if you earn wealth, if you create jobs, then you are Obama’s target.”

“If the trend continues, today Obama will propose raising taxes on everybody, and we will agree to a certain percentage of that tax increase, and then elements of our conservative media will write praising editorials on the value of compromise. Snerdley scratching his dwindling supply of hair in there.”

“Given the election results of November, where is it written that we can’t win a PR fight with a bunch of people who are unwilling to pay the troops but want to make sure abortionists continue to get paid? Elmer Fudd could win that fight.”

“We have people who want to fundamentally transform this country and turn it into a welfare state where people will forever vote for big government. Well, what a lousy future for your kids and grandkids. I don’t have kids and grandkids, but I do have dogs and a cat, and Abbey is depressed.”

“It’s a fallacy that ‘unpaid-for tax cuts’ is a legitimate economic premise. ‘Unpaid-for tax cuts’… see, to me, instinctively, that is communist talk.”

“The fastest way to destroy confidence in the United States is to have Obama succeed at everything he wants to do.”

“A real debt limit seems to me to be exactly what we need here. And you know what I think? I think the rest of the world would actually be happy that we are beginning to act like adults for once, where our debt is concerned.”

“Obama knows that the Republicans in Washington are not on the same page as their voters. Frankly, that has always been one of my fears, that the Republican leadership is stuck back in the year 2000 while their voters — you, me, Tea Party, the rest of the public — are in ‘the now.'”

“So in one month Obama has given us a budget deficit larger than Bush’s annual budget deficit. That is an astonishing fact, and if there was a Republican in the White House, it would have been the top news story of the week.”

“I’m surprised Obama ever found time to have any kids. I mean, all the guy does is talk.”

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