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RUSH: Yes, Rahm Emanuel is up twisting arms. We know what the problem is now with health care in the House. It’s not the Republicans. Look, you gotta understand something. The Republicans can’t stop this. I heard it said today, even if every member and their parents voted against it, they can’t stop this. The Democrats have the votes in both chambers, the House and the Senate. The problem is the so-called Blue Dog Democrats. But don’t think that these are a bunch of conservatives, these Blue Dogs. The one thing that really bothers them is Obama’s desire to take away from them the power to charge and set Medicare reimbursement fees. That’s something that Congress has long done since Medicaid began and Obama said, no, I want that, so Rahm Emanuel has been up there trying to twist some arms and break some bones and stab some steaks and throw around some dead fish. Pelosi came out yesterday and said, of course, there won’t be a vote before the recess, ‘I’m not afraid of a month, I’m not afraid of August.’ However, ‘Nancy Pelosi has set the legislative throttle at full-speed-ahead,’ according to Fox, ‘as she plans to bring health care reform to a floor vote by the August recess, a move that could inflame tensions in the party and imperil the bill’s passage since fiscally conservative members say they’re still not satisfied.

‘Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday announced that the Senate would wait until after recess to bring the bill to a vote, and President Obama said it was ‘OK’ to miss his deadline so long as lawmakers are working in earnest to reach a compromise. Reid’s announcement led some members of the House to wonder why Pelosi feels it’s necessary to hold to a deadline that’s already been broken. … ‘We don’t have a deal yet,’ a senior Blue Dog source said. ‘Negotiations continue,’ said another. A third said no details of a pact have been worked out,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So they want this done, they want the House to vote on this because there’s 435 of those people and most of them are Democrats and they want this voted on before these clowns go home. I know what’s going on. These clowns are going to go home and they’re going to get hell from their constituents, Republicans and Democrats alike, and Rahm wants them to get hell after they’ve already voted. If they get hell before they vote they’re less inclined to vote for it and that’s what’s really going on. The Senate they don’t care about, they’ll get that done, they’ve got the magic of Ted Kennedy to get that done. The House is the big deal.

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