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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, that press conference last night, folks, was so good — Obama last night was so effective — that the top Democrat in the Senate, Dingy Harry, has just said that lawmakers in the Senate will not vote until after August on their health care bill, a blow to Obama’s ambitious timetable. And let me tell you something, Senator Reid. We will be ready for you when you come back after the August recess. We will be ready. And, Senator Reid, your colleagues are going to go home for the August recess and they’re going to have meetings, town meetings, and they’re going to hear a barrage like they haven’t heard.

They’re going to hear questions at town hall meetings from constituents and voters who know more than their senator knows. They are going to hear it full force. Remember, though, that Dingy Harry was talking to Obama, and Obama said, ‘You know, Harry, I have a gift,’ meaning his ability to speak and be pervasive. He was so persuasive last night that there will be no health care vote in the Senate until the fall. Senator Durbin alluded to this last night in a story in The Hill. Over in the house Nancy Pelosi says, ‘I have the votes.’ The leader of the Blue Dogs, the guy from Arkansas, says, ‘No she doesn’t have the votes — and if they had the votes, they wouldn’t be pressuring us the way they are.’ So the health care vote delayed until the fall. We will be ready when they get back to continue this.


RUSH: Let’s listen to Dingy Harry make his announcement. Obama’s press conference last night so magnetic, so effective, that Harry Reid made the following statement just moments ago.

REID: The Republicans, one of the things that they ask is that they have more time. I’ve had a number of conversations, for example, with Olympia Snowe. And so the decision was made to give them more time for the Finance Committee part of what we’re trying to get. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable. This is a complex, difficult issue. As you know, the health committee worked a month. The Finance Committee, working to come up with a bipartisan bill, have worked longer than that. I spoke to Senator Baucus last night; I spoke to Senator Conrad this morning. They’re going to be able to mark something up before we leave here.

RUSH: But they’re not going to have a vote. They delayed it until the fall. And we’ll be ready. Over in the House, Nancy Pelosi says she’s got the votes, but the leading Blue Dog Democrat, Mike Ross of Arkansas, says, (paraphrasing) ‘No, I don’t think they have the votes. They wouldn’t be pressuring us the way they are if they had the votes.’ From Politico.com today: ”Democrats Raise Concerns about Barbara Boxer’ — A big chunk of the House climate change bill is in the hands of Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer — and some of its supporters are worried that she’s not up to the task.’ Bottom line, no liberal Democrat is ever up to the task. Obama is not up to the task, as he so well demoed last night. Biden is not up to the task, which he proves every time he opens his mouth. Nancy Pelosi is not up to the task, which she proves by lying about having the votes. Hillary is so out of her depth and proves that all over the earth. None of them is up to any task.

Speaking of Hillary, I didn’t get to this yesterday, but where is she? She’s secretary of state. She’s in Thailand. She’s in Phuket, Thailand. As a broadcast professional, you gotta be very careful how you pronounce that, by the way, ‘Foo-ket,’ Thailand. And you know what she announced in Phuket, Thailand? A potential missile shield in the Middle East to protect people from Iran. Now, did she clear that with Obama? Because Obama does not want to deploy a missile shield in Europe to protect people there from any further Russian activity. This is amazing. You got all these czars and envoys in really important parts of the world, and there’s Hillary Clinton in Thailand? Making an announcement about Iran? Very strange.

‘In private conversations, Senate staffers say that Boxer’s abrasive personal style helped tank the climate bill that Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) sponsored last year. And several recent embarrassing episodes involving the California Democrat have them worried about a repeat performance. During a committee hearing in June, Boxer upbraided a brigadier general for calling her ‘Ma’am’ rather than ‘Senator.’ During another hearing this month, Boxer found herself in a testy exchange with the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, who accused her of ‘condescending’ to him. For some Democratic staffers, the incidents underscored the danger of having an outspoken partisan liberal in charge of making the kinds of compromises needed to get cap and trade through the Senate.’

The New York Times has reported a $39.1 million second quarter profit. How did they do this? ‘The company said it cut its operating costs by 20 percent to manage its revenue falloff, following a pattern that also emerged in recent earnings reports from fellow newspaper publishers Gannett Co. and McClatchy Co.’ So what do we learn here? We learn that the New York Times can cut enough to make a profit and stay in business. There should be lessons for liberals on managing budgets there. They had all these budgets losing money, no profits for the longest time, all of a sudden across the board 20% cuts. They’re still in business, and now they’re showing a profit. The private sector will tell you everything you have to do in order to survive or what you’ll have to do to fail. So here’s a bunch of libs at the New York Times cutting the budget 20%, showing a profit, you think that will be reflected in their editorials or in their writing about Obama and his budgets and his health care programs and all this spending? Nope. Not at all. Real-world experience gets trumped by liberal statism, radicalism and ideology.

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