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RUSH: John in Punta Gorda, Florida. How are you? Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing today?

RUSH: Very well, sir, thanks much.

CALLER: Rush, I’d like to talk to you for a couple of minutes about honesty and integrity versus the culture or the spirit of deception that we seem to see with Obama. I’m a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and I have three sons who also attend service academies — either the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy — and we all each in our term have come to understand that lying is an intent to deceive. And any intent to deceive at the service academies is considered to be an honor offense. When I look at Obama — who rides a cult not only of personality but also a culture of deception; when I look at the Saul Alinsky connection deceptions, the Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and Jeremiah Wright; more recently the birth certificate falsification question; the stimulus lies; the health care results lies; the ACORN connection lies; the firing of the inspector general; and his agenda for us, which he’s just not being forthcoming about — all of these things fall into, in my opinion, this culture of deception.

It’s very difficult to listen to our president without feeling that he is either out-and-out lying or he is posturing something, getting ready to lie. I believe polls are falling not only because the economy is not responding to the stimulus, but also because people are sensing that this cult of deception and lying is, in fact, a big part of who this guy is. I think his moral authority is going fast. And now when he needs to advance his own agenda, he’s in fact reaching a tipping point, and people will not have anything to do with what he says because they simply don’t trust him. When you’re at one of these service academies here, you’re an officer in the service. When you lose your honor and you lose your integrity, you simply lose other people’s trust. And you’re of no use to anybody. Integrity is a mind-set. It’s a mind-set the same way deception is a mind-set. And people who deceive have a pattern of deceiving over and over and over again. I think in his case that this stuff is directly related to a highly dysfunctional family background where he was abandoned by both parents, and his radical early influences. But I also think that this cult of deception on his part is approaching a word that I have not heard relative to this administration, and that is ‘treason.’ I believe that this inability of his to be honest and to be forthcoming and rather to be devious, constitutes serious acts of disloyalty to our sovereign nation. What do you think of that, Rush?

RUSH: Well, I think that you are well spoken, you’re articulate, and I think you’re very honorable. And I think you mean everything you said, and I don’t think you’re making it up, and you’re certainly not trying to deceive anybody. I don’t know. You know, I get a little worn out on the family-made-me-do-it excuse. I have a much simpler explanation, and I am with you. He has to be deceptive. If he were to tell everybody who he really is, what he really thinks and what his agenda really is, he woulda never gotten the Democrat Party nomination, much less been elected president. All liberalism is deceit. All communism is lies. All of socialism is lies. The promises, I should say. The promises of communism, the promises of socialism, the promises of liberalism, are all lies. And it’s all out there to see. But we don’t examine the results of these people. We give them credit for great big hearts and for having wonderful intentions.

One of the interesting things that’s happening now, however, John — and I addressed this elegantly yesterday. The liberal Democrats over in the House and Senate, they are so cocky, they are so arrogant that they are more open about who they are and what they think than ever before — and this will be their undoing. Liberalism has always had to be disguised to win national elections in this country. It’s always had to have been disguised, and Obama knows it. So I think this guy has been well taught. You talk about service academies. I think he’s been groomed for this. I think he’s been taught, groomed, mentored to be able to reach this height in the middle of deception by pretending and convincing people he’s something other than what he is. For example, he’s not a moderate; he’s not unique; he’s not above politics; he’s not postpartisan; he’s not postracial.

He’s just the most radical liberal Democrat that has ever attained the White House. Now, he is still practicing the deception. The liberal Democrats over in the House and Senate, not so much. The Barney Franks are pretty out in the open about what they want to do and what they want to say. The Barbara Boxers, ditto; and a lot of his cabinet people, ditto. But he is still practicing the art of deception. When you get into ‘treason,’ that’s a specific criminal charge. I wouldn’t go there. I think this is just politics. He’s supposed to be above politics. But I agree with you that his agenda, his designs on this country are nothing — nothing anywhere close — to his stated designs, desires, agenda, or what have you. It is why I say (to the shock and chagrin of many) that rising unemployment is something being done purposefully.

It is why I say that anybody with an economic brain — with any economic education, with access to the finest economic brains of the country — knows full well that doing what they’re doing is not going to create a growing economy. They know this, like my analogy earlier in the program. I came up with this on the fly, but I wanted to come up with an analogy because I really feel it important to persuade people of this. This purposeful destruction of the US economy can be illustrated this way. Imagine a giant airplane. You got a hundred thousand… Well, put 500 people on this airplane, and it’s up flying. The plane is being flown by Obama and Biden’s in the copilot seat, and back in the cabin as the flight attendants and the people running the plane. You put whoever you want in there. Put in cabinet secretaries.

Put Barney Frank in there, put Harry Reid, put Barbara Boxer. And they are ordering people on the airplane to jump off, to jump out without parachutes. And they’re saying, ‘You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Just hope. Just hope. Just be patient. You’ll be fine,’ and they keep pushing people out of the plane with no parachutes. Now, anybody would know if they push you out of an airplane without a parachute, you’re dead. If you implement policies as Obama has to stimulate the economy you are not stimulating the economy. You are forcing people out of an airplane without a parachute. And then you land and you get another 500 people and take them up and do the same thing, and you keep promising, ‘It’s gonna work if you just have faith. Just trust me. It’s gonna work. Eventually we’re going to push people out of this airplane and they aren’t going to die.’

And you keep landing and filling the plane back up, and you keep pushing them out with no parachute. You say, ‘Rush, nobody would ever do that.’ I know nobody would ever do that. ‘Well, Rush, nobody would ever purposely destroy the economy.’ Au contraire! It’s happening. That’s the point. They are pushing us out of an airplane with no parachute. Or try we’re on the Titanic. We’ve sunk. We’re aboard but we’re at the bottom of the ocean. They finally show up to rescue us, we’re dead, we’re drowned. But they claim they’re saving our lives. It is deception. There’s no question it’s deception. But it’s a deception for an end that people don’t even want to contemplate. Like I told you — I’m giving some of this away — I sat for one hour today (looking good, by the way) for a television interview with Greta Van Susteren that will air in two parts starting tonight on Fox. The whole notion of Obama failing came up again.

She said, ‘But I don’t understand why you keep saying you want him to fail.’

I said, ‘Well, it’s like too late now, he has failed. He’s failed!’

She said, ‘I know…’ and don’t misunderstand. I’m not impugning Greta here. I like her very much. But she said, ‘I hope this works. You don’t want it to work?’

I said, ‘No. The difference is I know it won’t work. We’re in the middle of seeing it not working! What’s going to change between now and next year with the same policy? We’re losing jobs left and right.’

‘But don’t you want people…?’

‘Yes! That’s why I wanted him to fail implementing this. His policies have led to 9.5% unemployment, on the way to double-digit. This is not, Greta, how you stimulate an economy. This is not how you create jobs. The blueprint is there. We know how to do this. This is being done on purpose.’ I said, ”Hope’ is an excuse for doing nothing. I don’t have time to sit around and hope. I want every American to succeed! I want every American to have whatever opportunity out there they wish to access. They don’t right now, and this was predictable,’ and that’s my point, folks. This was predictable. All of these coming tax increases, all of this mindless spending, all of this debt. The government simply can’t create jobs. It doesn’t happen, except in their own sector. It’s just a rotten shame what is happening here, and the real crime — you want to talk treason? The real crime is all of the people who are complicit. There are hundreds of accomplices in this, and they’re Democrats, and they know full well this is not going to do what they say it’s going to do.

And the fallback is, ‘Well, look at the rotten mess we inherited from Bush.’

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