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“The people who make this country work are listening to me right now, and I doubt too many radios are on in Washington.”

“Most of the conservative media are now totally caught up in the tug of popular sentiment, and you know why that is? Because Obama has been portrayed as the most popular human being ever to be president, and nobody has the guts to stand up and oppose it.”

“I think that everybody who works at CNN and MSNBC are going in for MRIs today because they blew their rotator cuffs out shaking their pom-poms for Obama yesterday.”

“If we are to make progress, if we are to remake this nation, then we must become one in power and one in spirit. So trust Obama with your future, for he knows the way, and trust him with your lives, for he is compassionate.”

“By the way, it’s official: Irresponsible nominee for treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, is proposing to bail out irresponsible companies to kick off the new era of responsibility.”

“America is the sum of its parts. America is not one man. America is not a messiah. America is not a president. I don’t care who he is: a president is not a pied piper, and America is not a nation of cultists.”

“Reagan made people understand that they are the ones who make the country work, that America’s greatness is defined by them, whereas Obama is telling people that government is the only institution that can save them. And that, sir, is sacrilegious to me.”

“By the way, American Idol out-rated the Obama inaugural coverage last night. That ain’t good. But look at the two choices: I mean, they’re both pop culture cellar dwellers.”

“Remember back in the 1960s when we had all these radicals running around with bumper stickers that said, ‘Question authority’? Look how blindly observant those same people have now become, and look how blindly observant their own children have become. There is no questioning of anything with them.”

“Shelly, do you realize how you sound? ‘I don’t agree with Obama’s choices, I think he’s making false promises, but we need to support him.’ Have you had an IQ test lately?”

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