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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi, just before the program today, began another page right out of the 30-year-old Democrat playbook. The Democrats are dragging out people who had or have cancer to support their health care bill. How about presenting those who have diseases and illnesses that won’t get the drugs and procedures they need because Obama and the Democrats are going to be denying lifesaving medicine and procedures? If the Democrats want to play this game, the Republicans ought to go get some people who have these diseases who are not going to get covered because of their age or the advanced state of their disease, let’s play the game. Let’s get some people with spirit who want to live or are going to be denied health care under the Democrat bill. No longer will Obama and his ilk get away with trying to paint us as lacking compassion when it is we who are standing up for these people, we are standing against the politicians and the bureaucrats who are going to end up denying your so-called right to health care based on your age or the severity of your disease. This tactic from their 30-year-old playbook won’t work anymore.

Big government is not compassionate. Big government is destructive; big government is harmful; big government denies people life and liberty, it does not enhance it. And that’s the hallmark of the Democrat-led Congress and the Obama White House. They are denying people life and liberty. They are not enhancing it, they are not compassionate, they are destroying jobs, they are destroying the place in our economy where jobs are created, the private sector. There’s nothing compassionate about these people, and yet they’re dragging all these people up to support their bill. ‘I got cancer and I want Obama’s health care plan.’ ‘I’ve got dreaded diseases, I want Obama’s plan.’ Let’s bring some people up that have a dreaded disease who aren’t going to end up being covered.


RUSH: Nancy Pelosi, I mentioned earlier in the program, the parade of victims now, you know they’re in trouble when they bring out the parade of victims. Pelosi brings out a parade of people that have cancer, ‘We want health care, we have cancer, we’re dying, and we want health care.’ These are the exact people that won’t get it. What the Republicans ought to do is bring out their own parade of victims who will be cut off from health care if this passes. Here is what the Speaker of the House said in resorting to this page in the 30-year-old playbook.

PELOSI (sped up): Today we’re going to hear real stories from real people about the impact that health care reform will have on their lives. We are joined by four Americans who have tried to work hard and play by the rules and have ended up with crushing health care costs and debts. Vernon Le Count of Freedom, Maine with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt because his health insurance had a waiting period and a high deductible. Molly Secours of Nashville, Tennessee whose medical debt from uterine cancer could result in foreclosure on her home. Catherine Howard of San Francisco, California, and Jaclyn Michalos of Norwood, Massachusetts, who both beat cancer, but had radically different experiences with their health insurance.

RUSH: So the parade of victims has begun, the old standard. By the way, I got the official stat here. We talk about $23 trillion to completely make the financial system solvent, somebody said that, one trillion dollars equals a million dollars a day since Christ was born. That’s one trillion. You could spend a million a day, not year, multiply 2009 by 365, that’s how many days. And you could spend a million dollars on each of those days and you would equal one trillion, and we’re told we’re outta money. What are you laughing at in there, Snerdley? Well, the parade of victims, yeah. By the way, if you’re just joining us here we’re speeding up Barney Frank, Pelosi, and Obama ’cause they’re the ones in a hurry on this. So if they’re in such a damn hurry we’ll hurry up their speech to help emphasize just how hurried they are or as it’s being said today, in a rush they are.

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