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RUSH: This afternoon in Washington, DC — you’ve gotta hear this — during an Environmental Public Works committee hearing on ‘green’ jobs, Senator Barbara Boxer had this exchange with the chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. His name is Harry Alford. This is how it went.

BOXER: John Grant, who is the CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, quote: ‘Clean energy is the key that will unlock millions of jobs and the NAACP’s support is vital to ensuring that those jobs help to rebuild urban areas.’ So clearly there is a diversity of —

ALFORD: Madam Chair, that is condescending to me.

BOXER: Well, if I… Well —

ALFORD: I’m the National Black Chamber of Commerce and you’re trying to put up some other black group —

BOXER: — if this —

ALFORD: — to pit against me. That’s condescending —

BOXER: Well, sir —

ALFORD: — and I don’t like it. It’s racial.

BOXER: What’s racial?

ALFORD: I don’t like it.

BOXER: Excuse me, sir —

ALFORD: I take offense to it.

BOXER: Okay.

ALFORD: As an African American and a veteran of this country. I take offense to that.

BOXER: Offense at the fact that I would quote…?

ALFORD: You’re quoting some other black man. Why don’t you quote some other —


ALFORD: — Asian or somebody.

BOXER: Well, let me be clear —

ALFORD: I mean, what… You are being racial, here.

BOXER: Okay, let me be clear. Let me be clear.

ALFORD: And I think you’re getting to a path here that’s going to explode.

RUSH: Now, let me translate here what’s happening. The National Black Chamber of Commerce is not all sold on this ‘green’ energy business, and Barbara Boxer at the Environment and Public Works Committee, a hearing on ‘green’ jobs, starts quoting all these other black groups while the witness at the time is the chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Alford. So she starts talking about the CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta and then the NAACP support, and how vital that is, and this guy’s offended by this. He said, ‘Other groups over me, other blacks over me? Why don’t you talk about Asians? It’s racial.’ She’s clearly stunned by this, Barbara Boxer is not used to people calling her a racist. He then continues. He was just getting warmed up.

ALFORD: For someone to tell me — an African-American, college-educated veteran of the United States Army — that I must contend with some other black group and put aside everything else in here. This has nothing to do with the NAACP and really has nothing to do with the National Black Chamber of Commerce. We’re talking energy, and that road the chair went down I think is God awful.

RUSH: Hip hip hooray for this. We’re talking energy. We’re not talking racial politics. You’re making racial politics. You’re trying to sell this on the basis that we need the NAACP. And this guy’s got the guts to say they have nothing to do with it. The NAACP got nothing to do with any energy program. I guarantee you, Pelosi — Boxer. I’m sorry. I’m just doing my Sotomayor impersonation here. Neither of them, Pelosi or Boxer, are used to being called racial and being challenged in that way.

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