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Rush’s Morning Update: Protection
July 2, 2009

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Two liberal San Francisco politicians have set their sights on higher orifice. Mayor Gavin Nuisance is running for governor; District Attorney Kamala Harris wants to be thestate attorney general.

Under Gavin Nuisance, San Francisco’s status as a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants turned deadlywhen Edwin Ramos of El Salvador allegedly committed a triple murder, killing a man and his two sons following a traffic accident. Ramos already had numerous felony arrests, including attempted robbery and gang assault. But the Nuisance policies allowed him to roam free, avoiding deportation because he was “protected” by “sanctuary.”

Honduran illegal immigrant Alexander Izaguirreis giving DA Harris’s campaign a bit of a headache. He was handpicked for a special “jobs program” run by Harris. That didn’t stop him from snatching a woman’s purse — and jumping into an SUVto run the woman down. She leaped onto the hood,and dear little illegal Alex slammed on the brakes, dumping her onto the pavement;skull fractured, a bloody mess. No one knows how many other illegal immigrants were in DA Harris’ “jobs program.” But we do know that illegal Alex– like illegal triple murderer Edwin Ramos– had multiple prior arrests, and avoided deportation because he was “protected.”

Thanks to liberals, California is already going under– financially. If either Nuisance or Harris make it to statewide office, the best thing hardworking citizens can do… is leave.Seek “sanctuary” in another state. Maybe, even, anothercountry. I might not be far behind — it’s for our ownprotection.

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