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RUSH: Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, if you were here at almost this exact time, you recall we had a couple of examples of the chickification of the news. Women were writing news stories about the Mark Sanford-Argentina ‘girl from Ipanema’ affair. I missed one yesterday because it wasn’t yesterday, it was June 27th. It is by Erika Lovley at ThePolitico.com. ‘Inside Sanford’s Love Letters — It’s a love story worthy of a … Nicholas Sparks novel. A high-ranking politician sneaks away from the pressures of political life to meet his secret lover — a beautiful, intelligent brunette from Argentina. He’s willing to risk anything, even a potential shot at the presidency, to be with her. In the meantime, he plies her with hopelessly romantic love letters.’ This piece goes on to analyze the love letters. He’s a great writer. He’s ‘colorful, descriptive, and unabashedly romantic, at times to the point of being schmaltzy and embarrassing.’

I have a question ladies — actually for everybody. If you’ve read some of these Sanford e-mails, he pours his heart out to her. Now, why is that ‘schmaltzy’? I mean, do you think she thinks it’s schmaltzy? Do you think the girl from Ipanema thinks it’s schmaltzy when she gets it or is it just these prying eyes of outsiders who say, ‘Oh, oh, that’s schmaltzy.’ Ms. Lovley, would you love to get a love letter from whoever is in your life like Mark Sanford writes them and would you consider it schmaltzy? I mean I’m not making too big a deal about this, but schmaltzy and embarrassing only to the people outside her relationship looking at it, but still the bottom line is —

‘What emerges is that — regardless of the moral ambiguities of Sanford’s character — the man was a real romantic with a knack for writing. ‘The most cherished gift a lover can give and receive is a love letter from the heart,’ says romance coach Leslie Karsner…’ You got me. I don’t know what a ‘romance coach’ is. I ought to look one up. (laughing) And note, note that the romance coaches are women. I bet you don’t find a guy romance coach. Well, by now you probably do. Anyway, Leslie Karsner ‘sells prewritten love letters through a website called ‘Love Letters Now.” It’s sort of like the Hallmark cards of love letters. ”If you take the politics out of it, it’s the story of a man whose heart was captured and he was willing to run the risk of being caught.”

They love this guy! Women are going nuts over this guy’s love letters, and I just wanted to mention this because I left it out of yesterday’s stack because I didn’t have it. It’s from June 27th, three or four days ago. Male romance coaches, I think they’re called ‘players.’ Players. Romance coach! Prewritten love letters. What would you think, ladies, if you got a love letter that some clown procured off the website.

By the way, an update, ladies and gentlemen. We also had a story yesterday from TIME Magazine that marriage makes women bloat up. In fact, not even marriage, just getting into a relationship causes women to become obese. It doesn’t happen to men, but it causes women to gain weight, and this came from the magazine Obesity Today. That’s the survey.

(playing of obesity spoof: Post-Commitment Bloat)


RUSH: By the way, the Associated Press just breathlessly reported that Mark Sanford has admitted to more than one liaison with the girl from Ipanema. I know Ipanema Beach is in Brazil. It just fits, the Argentinean babe. I’ll guarantee you that news chicks across this country are now swooning. This is just fascinating.


RUSH: Janet, it’s great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but it really is a thrill to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I heard earlier about Mark Sanford, and the letters. First of all, how could anyone think that it’s all so romantic and just swoon when the man has cheated on his wife?

RUSH: Well, I know. See, again, now, you are asking a rational question about liberal women in the media.

CALLER: You’re right.

RUSH: They are different. They don’t think the same. I’ve read them, and they think, ‘Oh, this is real love. This is the real thing. He needs to marry this woman. He needs to leave his wife — it’s not working, everybody understands this — and go marry this woman. And then he needs to understand that gays are not allowed to do this,’ is what one female reporter said. They are swooning over this. These liberal media babes are swooning over his love letters.

CALLER: Any man who would send me a love letter that was pre-composed, I —

RUSH: No, his are not pre-composed. He wrote his. In the story that’s in The Politico (the woman’s last name is Lovley) she went out and found a ‘romance coach,’ and the romance coach has a website where you can log on and get prewritten love letters.

CALLER: How stupid…

RUSH: Sanford wrote his own. He’s special.

CALLER: How stupid can people be? I mean, a pre-composed love letter? I know his weren’t.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a second, now. I had the same view of greeting cards.

CALLER: Yeah, you’re right.

RUSH: I mean, why do I need to go to a store to find a greeting card to say something that I couldn’t come up with myself?

CALLER: You’re right. Even if it’s also —

RUSH: No, no. But no. It’s not that I want to write greeting card. I’m just saying it’s the same thing with Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday out of duty.

CALLER: Right. I’m —

RUSH: Everybody goes out, orders the flowers, the candy. No wonder women are gaining weight after they get married or into a relationship.

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: Flowers, candy, go to dinner, whatever. It’s because they have to. Not because anybody wants to. It’s just there. And the greeting card business. You know, Valentine’s Day was created. I think Hallmark invented it.

CALLER: Oh, probably. By the way, on July 5th my husband and I will have our 28th wedding anniversary, and I weigh 90 pounds. I have not gained weight. (laughs)

RUSH: Twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. Congratulations.

CALLER: Thank you, thank you. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be. People just have the wrong idea about romance and obligation and morals. You know, like you said: It’s liberal. It’s all liberal.

RUSH: Yeah, you have to understand this. Standards and this kind of thing are flexible today, and I find it fascinating that it’s liberal media women who are swooning. I mean, now they’re all excited because they have discovered that Sanford made more than one trip to Argentina to see the woman. It’s like these liberal women are saying, ‘If only me. If it was only me!’ Are they missing love in their lives? And they’re finding it vicariously through this guy? Well, they might be missing romance. I’m sure. (interruption)Who knows. Have you ever dated a liberal woman? Have you? (laughing) Snerdley, with his review, I shall stand mute. Because I respect people’s privacy, including my own.


RUSH: If there are any liberal newswomen in this audience, stop what you’re doing. I have more Mark Sanford news. This guy is amazing. He’s already being heralded by liberal infobabes for being really great at love letter writing, and he’s really in love with the babe down in Argentina and he just ought to go for it. I mean, they’re schmaltzy, they’re embarrassing, but, man, how romantic, oh, it’s just wonderful. Remember when I said last week, this guy could have been our JFK? Still to this day, educated liberal reporters do not understand this. They think that I’m saying that Mark Sanford has some sort of great political reputation, image, charisma that could cause him to win a landslide. No. I’m not going to explain it. You people understand it; the Drive-Bys do not. But here are the two AP alerts: First, ‘South Carolina governor tells AP that the mistress down in Argentina is his soul mate, but he will try to fall back in love with his wife.’

AP alert number two: ‘South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he ‘crossed lines’ with a handful of women other than his mistress — but never had sex with them.’ This guy is loyal to the mistress. This guy does not cheat on the mistress. Do you realize how the liberal women are going to eat this up? The liberal infobabes, they’re swooning, folks. I’ll guarantee you they are having to excuse themselves and go to the bathroom here to control themselves. This guy is amazing. He tells the AP that his mistress is his soul mate, but that he’s going to try to fall back in love with his wife. Of course it’s a devastating turn of events here for the wife, but the liberal news babes don’t care about the wife, don’t you understand? They care about the romance; they care about the Hollywood angle; they care about the fairytale; it’s real love. They don’t have it. They dream about it. He’s got it. He’s writing about it. Go for it, Gov. And so now they’re even more deeply immersed. He has admitted that the mistress is his soul mate, but he’s going to try to fall back in love with his wife. Have you ever tried to fall in love with somebody?

Snerdley, I got a great question. A friend of mine said, ‘Where was Obama born?’ And I don’t know. He’s not a native Hawaiian. Where was he born? I don’t know. Supposedly Hawaii, but we don’t have independent confirmation of it. I don’t want to go there. God doesn’t have a birth certificate, either, so it’s no big deal. South Carolina governor tells AP the mistress is his soul mate, gonna try to fall back in love with his wife. Have you ever tried to fall in love with somebody? Have you ever tried to fall out of love with somebody that you’re in love with? That’s called heartbreak, and people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge because of this sometimes. It’s just not something you can snap your fingers and do. And then, to really seal the deal, he may have a political future.

The chickification of the news is happening. These liberal women love this guy, they love this story, they’re captivated by it, they’re going to love it even more. Once they hear that Mark Sanford has told State-Run Media, the Associated Press that he crossed lines with women other than the mistress, but he never had sex with them. He has never cheated on the mistress. Folks, I’m looking at this from the perspective of the liberal women who are already in heat reporting this. Of course this is bad for the wife. To me it’s a phenomena to watch liberal infobabes report this story and get totally lost in it.


RUSH: This Mark Sanford story, I’m thinking about this more and more from the viewpoint of these liberal media babes. Remember Nina Burleigh? Liberal media babes, they’re different, they think different. Nina Burleigh was at TIME Magazine, and back in the nineties, she promised, she wrote in TIME Magazine or a blog or somewhere, she wrote an opinion piece — it may not have been in TIME but it was somewhere, New Republic or somewhere — she wrote that she would give Bill Clinton a Lewinsky just for keeping abortion legal. So it is not strange to me to see all these media women, liberal fawning, just melting over this Sanford business. Now, if you’re just joining us here, AP just ran two alerts. First alert: ‘South Carolina governor Tells AP that his Mistress is His Soul Mate –‘ I’m telling you, this is Hollywood, there are tears in the newsrooms of America. ‘– But he’s gonna try to fall back in love with his wife.’ Second alert from AP: ‘South Carolina Governor tells AP he Crossed Lines with Women Other than Mistress, but Never Had Sex with Them.’ He never cheated on the mistress, do you realize, folks, this could rival — Mark Sanford — no wait, stick with me on this. This could rival the first black president in terms of electability, the first governor to fall in love with his mistress. It’s never happened.

Kennedy never fell in love with them; Spitzer didn’t fall in love with them; Clinton didn’t fall in love with them that we know about. What if Sanford, what if he ends up giving up his throne for love? Just like King Edward and Wallis Simpson, what if he gives up the throne for love, do you realize how electable that will make him with certain women in this country, gave up the throne for love? First governor to fall in love with and not cheat on his mistress. First black president — now, compare this with the stink of a story that is the John Edwards scandal. Here’s the latest from the New York Times: The book proposal from a man who was one of former Senator John Edwards’ closest aides claims that Edwards, the Breck Girl, promised him he ”would be taken care of for life,’ in return for falsely claiming he was the father of the baby carried by Mr. Edwards’s mistress, Rielle Hunter. The aide, Andrew Young, sold his book proposal to St. Martin’s Press for an undisclosed price late last week. In his proposal, Mr. Young quotes Mr. Edwards, a Democrat who was his party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2004 and ran for president last year, as begging him to confess to fathering Ms. Hunter’s baby. ‘You know how much I love you,’ Edwards said. ‘You know I’d walk off a cliff for you, and I know you’d walk off a cliff for me,’ Mr. Young wrote in the book proposal. ‘I will never forget this. And I will always be there for you.’ The proposal was shared with The New York Times by a book publishing industry executive. Portions of it were reported over the weekend by The Daily News of New York.’

For some reason TMZ did not have this first. The New York Times did. But you compare the tawdry stink, you had an illegitimate child, you had Edwards having an aide lie about being the father and so forth, offering to take care of him for life, Mark Sanford loves the mistress, never cheated on the mistress. She’s his soul mate. Now, folks, again, don’t misunderstand. Do not think I am at all condoning this. This is all being reported to you within and from the context and frame of mind of liberal media women who find the story captivating, enthralling, and beautiful. To me, this is just… (laughing)

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