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Rush’s Morning Update: Overreach?
July 1, 2009

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Well, theultra-liberals Tom Daschle and John Podesta are warning Republicans: you better not “overreach” in trying to shape health care policy –or congressional Democrats will go it alone.

Daschle– ex-Senate majority leader and well-known tax cheat– says if Republicans won’t cave, he wouldn’t hesitate to use Senate rulesto prevent them from filibustering health care legislation. Daschle and Podesta told reporters that Senate Republicans are making too many demands on Obama’s health care takeover.Podesta said: “There is a point at which you have to move on.” He wants Democrats to freeze Republicans out of the processand cram socialized medicine down our throats. Both men let it be known that they are in daily contact with Obama’s inner circle,so we can infer this message comes from the top — from the Bamster.

Howard Dean, ex-DNC chair, adds that bipartisanship is “not fine” if it “gives Republicans leverage to block a robust public insurance option.” Because after all, Dean says, polls show “overwhelming support” for a “government-run health insurance plan.” (They don’t!)

Folks, let me issue my own warningto the Democrats: If all you guys– Tommy Taxes, John Podesta, Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel, and the Bamster– think you can force socialized medicine on the country…have at it! The American public isn’t concerned about Republicans “overreaching”; Republicans have no political power to speak of. No, the public is concerned that you Democrats are “over-grabbing,” “over-spending,” and “over-taxing”. Sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with you. It always does.

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