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RUSH: We got a call from Honduras and I want to take it, it’s Jim. Jim, I’m glad you got through to us today. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, I appreciate you putting me on the line. I’m calling you right now from Honduras.

RUSH: What city?

CALLER: I can’t tell you, Rush, because that could possibly put my family in danger.

RUSH: You’re kidding!

CALLER: No, I’m not kidding. If this situation gets any worse, Rush, Americans are going to be kicked out. If what Obama has done to support a known dictator in Mel Zelaya, who has been taken out by the government peacefully — Rush, I need to tell you, it’s not a coup, which is what is being reported by CNN. A coup did not happen, did not take place. It was peacefully done, there was nobody killed, there was nobody put in danger, and the military put the control right back to the Congress, and they peacefully took care of business.

RUSH: Yeah, I think a recap of what happened here is called for. There’s a constitution. The current president wanted to violate it and continued to serve in office. The Supreme Court and the legislature there both agreed he couldn’t do so. He ignored them. Then the military came in and replaced him. There was no violence, as you say. And as it is now, you have dictators Chavez and Castro, along with the US President Barack Obama, agreeing with the hopeful dictator of Honduras. It is an amazing and breathtaking thing to watch. I have some comments about this after you tell us what else you wanted to say about it.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I just wanted to let you know if they are allowed back in — they are currently in Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega is also involved in this — if they are allowed back in the country, Chavez is threatening to attack this country. I don’t know if you’re aware, Rush, you probably are, that Ronald Reagan put two US military bases here in this country, and I don’t know what’s going to happen, Rush, but I’m afraid. I’ve been here 14 years as a missionary. There’s many Americans here, and about 95% of this country, Rush, is against what’s going on with the president that was taken out. There’s a very, very small majority, basically your drug lords, your gang members, your thugs that are supporting Mel Zelaya and the rest of the regime from Venezuela and Nicaragua.

RUSH: It’s amazing to watch, and, Jim, thanks so much for the call. It’s great to have an on-the-site report from down there. Ninety-five percent of the Honduran people are opposed to their ex-president Mel Zelaya. During his campaign President Obama made a big deal of criticizing leaders who are elected democratically but don’t govern democratically and he had a chance to show that, he had the chance to demonstrate that that in Honduras and he hasn’t. He has sided with regional dictators in opposing what’s gone on in Honduras. Now, I want to put it to you this way. You have the country, Honduras, you’ve got a president, and there’s a constitution, and this president is limited to how many terms he can serve. He didn’t like that. He wanted to blow that out. He undemocratically stated, ‘I’m staying in office.’ This alarmed their version of Congress, the legislature down there, and the Supreme Court. Both bodies told him he was acting unconstitutionally and could not do it. He ignored them and essentially told them to go to hell. It was at that point that the military went in and took him out peaceably.

The guy’s got a point here, it really wasn’t a coup. It was the constitution being upheld. It was not a government being overthrown. It was a government being upheld, a government being sustained and getting rid of somebody who wanted to turn into an Ortega, who wanted to turn into a Chavez, who wanted to become a Castro, and these are the people our president of the United States is siding with. Now, why? Why? I’m going to tell you something, folks. The Drive-Bys and the State-Run Media are not going to bring this up. But it’s time to lay it out. The US foreign policy is out of control. There isn’t one. I can’t determine what our foreign policy doctrine is. It is a mess. It’s incoherent. Our president is sending conflicting signals all over the world, and I think we’re being laughed at as we stand up and support this dictatorship or would-be dictatorship and align ourselves with other dictators in the region.

You know they have to be laughing at us in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia to Iran to everywhere around the world. They’re laughing at us because they’re laughing at the naivete or at the good fortune that they have witnessed in having this man, Barack Obama, be president of the United States. He certainly clearly seems to have inherited Marxist tendencies from his father, Barack Obama Sr. So I think the question needs to be asked point-blank, Mr. President, if your foreign policy doctrine, so to speak, is to endorse Marxist, leftist regimes, no matter how they come to be either by force or by ballot, then you should say so. He should be pressed to say so. Do you support and endorse Marxist left — well, the answer is obviously, yes! He’s very friendly with Ortega, he’s very friendly with Chavez, and he hadn’t met Castro yet but I’m sure that would be an old home meeting as well. Doesn’t it appear this way, folks? He’s endorsing and very friendly with Marxist leftist regimes no matter how they come to power. Now, why? Let us ask why, and let’s get beyond the ideology.

I know some of you people are going to think that I’ve gone over the edge because I was up late last night ’til five o’clock working on a mysterious, secret big project, which someday I hope to be able to tell you about. But I think Obama is easily typecast. I think he has natural sympathies toward authoritarians. He has sympathy for dictators. He relates to them. He inherited his father’s Marxism. It’s not me saying this. It’s somebody from the American Thinker, the Nigerian woman writing last week referring to Obama as average African colonel. You have to wonder if Obama is just trying to lay a foundation for not being a hypocrite when he tries to serve beyond 2016. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in the next number of years there is a move on the 22nd Amendment, which term limits the president of the United States. He may not do it that way, he may not openly try to change the Constitution, but there might be this movement in the country from his cultlike followers to support the notion that a democratically elected leader, who is loved and adored has carte blanche, once elected, just serve as long as he wants because the people demand it, the people want it, the people love it. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to be plotting right now how to serve beyond 2016.

Now, I think the way he’s reacting to what’s happening in Honduras — look, they’ve gotta constitution. There are a democratically elected set of officials down there, and you had a guy running the country, Mel Zelaya, who was just going to basically rip that country’s democracy to shreds and the country moved in to stop him from doing it and Obama sides with the guy who wanted to rip up the constitution. He sides with other dictators in the region. Regardless, one thing is clear here. Obama is nothing if not a hardcore liberal, always more sympathetic, appearing to side with the bad guys on the world stage. And I’ll tell you, folks, this business about serving beyond 2016, when you look at Obama’s followers — and we’ve discussed it here — they are a cultlike bunch. Their attachment to him is not political, it’s not ideological, it’s not issue-wise, it is cultish. It includes a wide percentage of minorities, by the way, who, for different reasons, will come to think that he simply cannot be replaced.

Let him succeed with amnesty for example and all the illegal aliens who were instantly made citizens, he’ll be too important, just like right now he’s too big to fail as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, he’s too important to be replaced. No one else can lead the nation, they will say. They wouldn’t care a whit about the legalities that might be trampled. Half of them wouldn’t care about the legalities anyway, and they don’t even know about them because they haven’t been properly educated. So, you know, I think this situation in Honduras is very instructive. I think anybody who thinks that he intends to just constitutionally go away in 2016 is nuts. I think that’s what all this ACORN stuff is all about. I think giving ACORN money, fraudulent voter registration, whatever it’s going to take, these are people who seek power for reasons other than to serve. They seek to rule.


RUSH: By the way, the new Honduran president said that he doesn’t see any way to negotiate with the Obama administration and Teguc (Tegucigalpa) is awash in rumors that Venezuela is marshaling its forces for a possible invasion as the caller Jim from Honduras said. He’s a missionary there. The Washington Post has this today. I guarantee you Chavez and Ortega will not let this stand. This was a move to take Honduras to a dictatorship. This is Chavez’s dream, and it’s just outrageous that the president of the United States is siding with dictators on this. Of course the rest of the world is siding with the dictators — the World Bank, the United Nations — but what would you expect? The United Nations is an organization of dictators and thugs, primarily, whose primary objective is to fleece the United States of as much capital, money, as it can.

And get this. State-Run Media, Reuters: ‘The US Treasury said on Tuesday it has targeted an Iranian-based firm for its ties to North Korea’s missile proliferation network, a move that bans US companies from dealing with it. Hong Kong Electronics, located in Kish Island, Iran, has been named for transferring millions of dollars of proliferation-related funds to North Korea from Iran.’ Meanwhile, we are in the process of destroying our own economy. The president of the United States is telling Israeli Jews that they cannot build their own homes in their own country! He refuses to ‘meddle’ in Iran, but he’s meddling all over the place down in Central America and in Honduras. It’s tough to keep up. We need to know: What is the Obama foreign policy doctrine? If it is the support of Marxist, leftist regimes, however they come to power, we need to be told. That needs to become officially stated US doctrine. Because right now his foreign policy is all across the board. It’s just a mess. It’s incoherent, as evidenced by all this garbage going on in North Korea and Iran. In case you missed it: the recount in Iran shows that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got even more votes, just like in our country!


RUSH: I am holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a great editorial carton by the great Ramirez in Investors Business Daily. It’s a tropical setting. Four parrots — Castro, Chavez, Ortega and Obama — all squawking: ‘Restore the dictator in Honduras!’ It’s a fabulous cartoon.


RUSH: I asked for it and unbeknownst to me, I got it. I said, ‘What is the Obama doctrine?’ If we’re going to stand up for Marxist dictatorships around the world it’s time to say so. It’s time to say, ‘That’s the American doctrine, the Obama doctrine.’ Last night on PBS, the Charlie Rose Show, he interviewed former Carter national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Charlie Rose said, ‘Do you see emerging from the White House an Obama doctrine?’

BRZEZINSKI: There is an Obama concept regarding the world. And it’s a concept to which I generally share, that is to say we live in a world in which the population of the world — for the first time in all of its history — is politically awakened. A genuine political awakening of all the classes and masses in a society was a phenomena restricted to France alone, the French Revolution. But in the last 200 years, it has spread — and in the last hundred years very rapidly — and in the last 50 years almost everywhere. That politically awakened world cannot be dominated anymore by the West. Many people are really yearning and claiming self-respect because until recently they were dominated by the West, through colonialism and imperialism. And if we understand that — if we don’t act like a late comer to the age of imperialism in the way we treat others — I think we can manage the world.

RUSH: Wait a minute! How can we manage the world, Zbig, if nobody wants us to anymore? We can manage the world but the West is not wanted anymore? The West can’t. The world cannot be dominated anymore by the West, yet he says that we can manage the world. And here we’re imperialists. Nothing we do is for good. We’re colonialists and imperialists. So, by the way, I think Zbigniew Brzezinski is agreeing with me on the Obama doctrine. The Obama doctrine is that the ‘masses have awakened and that the West can no longer dominate the world.’ Now, one other thing. The masses have awakened politically is absurd. In this country, the masses are going to sleep politically! In this country, there is more political ignorance than at any time in my life. In this country there is more political disinformation…

Political awakening? Where? In Obama’s brother’s hut? In Rhodesia, Zimbabwe? Where is this political awakening taking place? All these people — the masses, the classes — rising up and demanding their own independence? Where? If you do that in Venezuela you get shot or you get put in jail. Same thing in Cuba. What the in the world is he talking about? He has just made the case for the Obama doctrine, and that is: ‘The United States is not a superpower. There’s nothing exceptional, and we can’t dominate the world.’ To say we dominated the world in a forceful manner is… (sigh) There’s a reason Jimmy Carter was a rotten president. He had questionable people around him. The United States is exceptional. It dominates the world, as we’ve documented, in economic output, in lifestyle, in standard of living, in technology, medicine. It’s simply because of our freedom, not because we’re evil. We’re not dictators. We’re not dominators. We’re liberators! And yet here’s Zbigniew Brzezinski explaining the Obama doctrine as, ‘We’re guilty. We’re guilty of imperialism. We’re guilty of colonialism, and so it serves us right to be cut down to size,’ and now we’re imperialists. This is more left-wing claptrap. But there you have it: the Obama doctrine.

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