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RUSH: This afternoon on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell reporting, NBC News, Washington. She was talking to the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt — wait, we have an alert here, an alert. Okay, the Minnesota Supreme Court has said it’s over and Franken is the winner. You know, it’s just like they recounted the votes in Iran, folks, and Ahmadinejad actually got more votes after the recount! It’s just like in this country. In Minnesota, after the original vote count, Norm Coleman was ahead. And in every recount thereafter, Franken got more votes, the loser. It’s amazing the similarities in the Minnesota electoral system and that in Iran. Anyway, back to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. She had Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, on. She said, ‘You said you think the economy is starting to turn for the good, that the worst of the crisis is over? What is your outlook?’

SCHMIDT: All of the signs that everybody sees indicate that the worst was the first part of this year. The enormous amount of stimulation that the Fed gave and that the European Central Bank has given in Europe is bringing these economies back. It’s interesting, by the way, that the Chinese infrastructure stimulus was the quickest to work. But, of course, they could just do it.

MITCHELL: Dictatorships are not always (snorts) — or centrally planned governments can at least do some things a little bit more easily than some of our own legislative debates.

RUSH: Did you hear that? Andrea Mitchell is agreeing with the CEO of Google that dictatorships, ‘not always — centrally planned governments can at least do some things more easily than our own legislative debates’? Except being the premise that government creates jobs, that government creates wealth, that government solves economic decline, ‘Damn, if we only had our own dictatorship!’ Andrea, we’re close to it. You’re helping us get what you’re dreaming of! (scoffs) On MSNBC they’re dreaming of a dictatorship. ‘I’m dreaming of a dictatorrrr,’ along with the Google CEO. ‘Gosh, it’s amazing how fast these dictators around the world can get things going.’ Talk to the people in Venezuela about it. This is just mind-boggling to observe, ladies and gentlemen.

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