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RUSH: All right. David, West Bloomfield, Michigan, hi, nice to have on you the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Very good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m calling about the Obamamania. I grew up in a Jewish communist household, and from my history and from my experience —

RUSH: Where was the Jewish communist household that you grew up in?

CALLER: Detroit, Michigan.

RUSH: Detroit, okay.

CALLER: And I have seen from my own background as well as my own hobby of history, seen this coming, and he’s just the end of it or right now, the pinnacle of it, for about a hundred years. This entire movement goes back around the time of the power grab by the unions. And they, therefore, put into place many of the things that you’ve talked about throughout the years, such as the control of academia, and the control of bureaucracies. I used to see people who were –McCarthy… shall we say… accused of being communists, in my household at communist meetings when I was a little boy. And this has just all been growing throughout this entire century, and now it’s just come to full force.

RUSH: Correct me if I’m wrong here but McCarthyism is actually correctly accusing someone of communism, identifying a communist, right? That’s what it was. People that hated McCarthy were the commies that were identified. There were some that were falsely accused, too, but the point is it was a rotten, bad thing to be a communist. You had to meet in the homes of people like your parents in the basement or whatever with the windows closed and things like that, correct?

CALLER: Exactly. I have pictures of me with some of these people as a little boy standing next to them, so I was there, and I heard all this —

RUSH: Well, how do you escape? Did your parents try to raise you as a young —

CALLER: Oh, absolutely.

RUSH: — simmering, bubbling up communist? How did you escape it?

CALLER: Absolutely. I mean I’m from six kids, and three are on one side and three are on the other. I had broken away from them entirely for many years, thank God before my dad passed I got back with them, but —

RUSH: When did you do that? What age were you —

CALLER: Reagan. Reagan, so I was in my mid-twenties.

RUSH: You were communist influenced, communist sympathetic up until your mid-twenties when Ronaldus Magnus came on the scene?

CALLER: Exactly. Actually it was a little before that, now, that I think, you know, but I mean within that framework, ’75 to ’80. I just began to realize that what I was hearing and seeing just didn’t make sense and I just started to see what was on the other side, the conservative side, made sense. And you know the history of the Jewish population in America. But I’m not the only one I can say thankfully, but the point is there’s still a huge move, and the liberal population — the liberal establishment does not support Israel, even our own senator here, Carl Levin, he does not support Israel.

RUSH: I know. I know. We have asked that question, and I’ve asked that question of so many people. And the answer to it is liberals are liberals first. Whether they’re actors, actresses, whether they’re Jewish, Catholic, agnostic, atheist, Buddhists, militant Islamists, they’re liberals first.

CALLER: Amen. Amen. But, you know, they used the term ‘progressive,’ they got tired of that one or they got slandered for that one. So they went to ‘liberal.’ Before that they used the term ‘communist.’

RUSH: And now it’s ‘progressive.’

CALLER: Same background.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Progressivism, yes.

RUSH: Now it’s ‘progressive.’


RUSH: Forty percent of the people in this country, in a recent survey, Gallup, identify themselves conservative, 21% liberal. It’s still a scarlet letter to be called a liberal. It’s amazing. Republicans are losing elections in this climate. Forty percent of Americans call themselves conservative, and Republicans are losing to absolute inexperienced fruitcake nobodies.

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