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RUSH: Let’s see. Yeah, here’s another one. Get this. What is this from? It’s the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It’s their website, Cleveland.com. Here’s the headline: ‘Tree Owners Could Reap Climate Bill Windfall — For years, landowners have gotten paid for not farming. Now they may get paid for not cutting down trees. While US families could see their annual energy bills rise hundreds of dollars under a massive climate bill that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to push through the House, owners of large swaths of forestland — timber companies, large farms, even foreign countries — could reap billions of dollars. The bill is aimed at curbing the gases, largely carbon dioxide from power plants and vehicles, blamed for global warming.’ I’m getting to the bursting point on this. There isn’t any global warming! Since 2001 temperatures have flat-lined. There isn’t any global warming!

Anyway, the new bill ‘would allow polluters to buy credits from owners of forestland as an alternative to switching to fuels other than coal and gas or installing expensive equipment to capture the greenhouse gases. The land owners would get the credits because trees suck up greenhouse gases, preventing them from reaching the atmosphere and acting like a blanket to warm the Earth.’ This is already a hoax going on out there. Arnold Schwarzenegger flies back and forth from LA to Sacramento every day in his own jet to work, and they say, ‘What about your carbon footprint?’ (Arnold impression) ‘No! No carbon footprint. I am planting trees,’ or he’s giving money to companies that say they’re planting trees. This is so absurd. (sigh) I don’t know about you, but I’m just losing patience every day with the insult to my intelligence.

It insults me to have to spend time on this rotgut so people who own forests, if they don’t cut down the trees they’re going to reap a windfall because their trees are going to soak up all the carbon dioxide that’s not causing global warming. ”In effect, the public is going to pay polluters to plant trees,’ says Frank O’Donnell of the advocacy group Clean Air Watch. ‘Does that really lead to a major improvement in global warming? I don’t know and I’m not sure anybody knows.” He’s exactly right. It’s called water vapor, folks. Do you know the number-one source of carbon dioxide greenhouse gasses is water vapor? It’s something like 94%, 95%. Water vapor! Now, I don’t think anybody in this bill has figured out a way to drain the oceans. If there is a way to drain the oceans I don’t know where the drain is. Where do you pull the plug to drain the oceans? (sigh) Some days. Some days. Some days.


RUSH: I have a friend, folks — funny little note here — I have a friend who owns one of those Maybachs. These are the Mercedes version of the Rolls-Royce line. He’s six-six, weighs 270 pounds, so he likes a big car. It probably gets two miles to the gallon in the city and eight on the highway. I’m exaggerating there. It’s like 10 and 18 or some such thing. I don’t know what it is. Anyway, he said that if he’s forced out of his Maybach and he has to go buy one of the bubble cars, it’s going to take two, one for each foot, because he simply will not be able to fit in one of these new Obamamobiles. Either that — (interruption) who is losing money? The Tata? The Tata, the Indian car from the country of India, the Tata? I have not heard of the Tata motorcar. I did see where the Obama people are going to fund this Tesla. I had that yesterday, $400 million bail them out or do something, Tesla. I don’t even know what the Tesla is.

All right, look, folks, a couple things here. I referenced this earlier, and I want to share the data with you here from the exact source. This is Cybercast News Service: ‘The stimulus law enacted in February promoted the purchase of plug-in electric cars by the federal government and the broader market, but a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released this month says that the use of plug-in electric vehicles will not by itself decrease greenhouse gas emissions. To do that, the report argues, the United States would have to switch from coal-burning plants to lower-emission sources to generate electricity such as nuclear power.’ The putt-putt little electrical cars will do nothing to help emissions. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of any of you people driving hybrids out there, but if you’re driving a hybrid to save the planet you have been snookered. If you drive it because you like it and you want it and you think you get better gas mileage, fine and dandy, no complaints.

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