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RUSH: As we discussed at the top on the program, guess what just…? It’s happening now. Obama is in the stupid Rose Garden, pushing the energy bill. They’re panicked. They’ve got to get this done tomorrow. There’s a bunch of wavering Democrat votes on this thing. It’s by no means a lock. The president went out there and said something that’s just not true. He said that whoever leads the world in new green technology will lead the global economy. Talk to Spain about it. Spain has tried to go all green. It has been a debacle. I tire. I tire of having to deal with the lies, the misrepresentations. He also said that his energy program… He bashed oil. We’re too dependent on it. We’re jeopardizing our national security.

We’re not jeopardizing our national security by having an oil-based economy! If we do not have an oil-based economy, we are not going to be secure. It’s just that simple. He also said that this is a jobs bill. We already did a jobs bill. It’s called the stimulus package. And how is that working out for you? (sigh) I’ll tell you, this whole procedure here that is underway is just about ramming as much down our throats as possible before we have any idea what it is.


Now, one on the things on the energy bill, if I may jump to that. One on the things that’s under assault in Obama’s energy proposal here is the coal industry, and he has made no secret about this. I’ve got all kinds of stories here in my stack from yesterday and from today on wind energy. Do you know that producing energy from wind is far more expensive than energy from coal? And one of the reasons is we can’t guarantee wind every day.

The second thing is we have no way to store wind-harnessed energy. We use it as it happens. Coal, of course, is stored energy. Wind energy. And, by the way, it doesn’t work. It’s been tried. There’s no great new technology out there that is going to produce this Nirvana with wind energy. There’s a reason. Can we take a little common sense here? There is a reason our electrical needs are satisfied primarily by coal. We have some gas and some nuclear thrown in, but there’s a reason most of our power plants use coal. Do you know what it is? Take a stab, Snerdley. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. It’s because of all the mechanisms out there to create energy, it’s the cheapest; it’s the most dependable. Now, the Obama people would have you believe that the only reason we use coal is because of Big Coal, that we have this massive coal industry made up of a bunch of people who want to screw you left and right.

And they want to kill you left and right. Remember, in Obama’s view, this country is immoral and unjust. And the big success stories in the American private sector are nothing more than cheats, liars, frauds. But there’s a reason we use coal. It’s cheap. It’s dependable. There’s no deep, dark secret about this. It’s not because of Big Coal or Big Oil or Big Nuclear have cooked up some nefarious scheme to enslave us to their product. It’s because long before the current crop of crazy environmentalists whackos were even a gleam in their ponytailed father’s eyes or a dream of their hair-in-the-armpit mothers, the market answered the question about the best way to provide for the electrical needs of the nations. And these are the choices that won: coal, oil, nuclear. They won because the market decided they were the best! It was not because of some nefarious scheme forcing these horrible products on us.

You know, when Mr. Ponytail Guy or Ms. Hair-in-the-Armpits Woman had their little kids and they’re thinking about changing the world for the better, the people that were making the world work did not decide on wind or solar. They decided on coal, because it was cheap, it was dependable, and it worked. No, the robber barons did not foist anything on us, as Obama says. The real dirty secret of wind power is that you only have power when the wind blows, and we don’t have the ability to store wind power for later use. You know what it would take to do that? (snorts) A giant Energizer Bunny battery. Of course they’re bad news, too. They’re horrible. Your little hybrid you’re driving around in? Bat-ter-ry! What do you think powers your battery when you plug it in and charge it up, which you’re going to have to do to it some day? You’re going to plug it into some windmill turbine?

We cannot yet bring different power sources on and off the electrical grid just based on the whimsy of the weather. We don’t have the ability to just throw a switch. ‘Okay, we’ve got wind! Turn off the coal-fired plant and turn on the windmills.’ We don’t have that ability. There’s much more involved in getting electricity to your house than most people realize, and the people who have made it possible did it in the market and the market always decides if you leave it alone. And you know what? We can’t build power lines from one end of the country to the other to solve intermittently with wind because electrical power is limited by range of transmission. Maybe one day we’ll overcome all these technological challenges, but those breakthroughs are not in our lifetime. I mean, we haven’t even reached a corner or turned a corner and we see the possibility.

We’re not even at the corner yet. We’re looking at a mirage. We’re looking at oasis in the desert. We’re wandering around the desert thinking that we’re killing ourselves with oil and coal and nuclear power and we’re just wandering. We haven’t had anything to drink for a couple of days in the desert and we see a mirage out there. We see a windmill. And that’s all Obama’s green energy program is, is a mirage. Now, all these technological challenges to making windmills work and all this rot gut they’re thinking about, it’s going to be hugely expensive. That’s the allure to Obama. That’s why General Electric is big on this stuff. They know they’re going to be getting a bunch of government money to develop and work on these projects without having to sell a single dishwasher, microwave oven, or jet engine.

Think of this. Think of starting today to build an electrical grid designed specifically for wind, because that’s what we’re going to have to do to make wind effective. That will end up being the true cost of wind energy. But basically we’ll just scrap coal and we’re going to do a do-over? We’re going to start from scratch? Now, you compare that cost against the real case scenarios or the effects of global warming, you realize that no rational person would believe wind power is any kind of a logical choice. Besides which, wind farms are ugly and everywhere they end up being, people start complaining about the noise they make! Even one guy… I saw a story a couple weeks ago. One guy put up a little windmill somewhere in his backyard, and the noise from it drove his neighbors crazy. All of this is just a panacea, pie-in-the-sky promise that’s based… Follow the money. It’s simply based on money and Obama’s sick desire to autocratically rule a country.

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