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RUSH: Is there one thing the government runs that makes a penny of profit? Is there one thing? They can’t deliver mail with a profit. FedEx can, and does. They cannot run a railroad with a profit. Amtrak is a horrible money pit. I know even some of our favorite people love to ride the Acela train, the Speed Merchant from Washington to New York. But they’re losing money and it continues to be subsidized. They can’t run most states with a profit. California with its population and its natural resources ought to be drowning in money and they are bankrupt.

The whole government should be profitable. It should be earning money on our money. You know, Obama has announced all these sweeping regulations of the banking sector and the financial sector and more regulators here. Would somebody tell me who’s regulating Obama? Who’s regulating Congress? There’s a poll out today which I’m going to get to in greater detail as the program unfolds. It’s an NBC poll. I think they’ve asked, ‘Who’s responsible for the deficit?’ Twenty-six percent say Congress; 46% say Bush; 6% say Obama. Now, that’s its own lesson, and it dovetails with the call we got from Jeremy yesterday. You remember that call? Jeremy, an Obama voter, is unhappy with him. Why?

Because he sees Obama giving money to the big guys. He sees Obama bailing out big business. He thought he and others in the ‘little guy’ strata that voted for Obama were going to get the money, and a fascinating perspective. They don’t see Obama destroying the private sector they see him building it up. They’re still mad at him. That’s why only 6% blame him for the deficit. But let me tell you where 100% of the deficit belongs, blame Obama and Congress. And if you want to get really constitutionally technical, it would be Congress. Not one penny in this country can be spent without the House of Representatives first authorizing it and the Senate agreeing and then the president signing. So the blame for the deficit is literally Congress — and, of course, right now it’s Democrat, and Obama’s running that.

So it’s the Democrats in Congress and Obama, ’cause the Republicans can’t stop anything. They don’t have the votes in either house to do it. They are responsible for it. Who’s regulating them? These clowns that can’t turn a profit with any government enterprise they run — in fact, that’s not even the question. How many things do they run that they do not destroy? They destroyed the black family with Great Society and the war on poverty. They’ve destroyed countless lives with all these so-called good intentions. Well who the hell is regulating them. Well, we are supposed to every two years at the ballot box. But that’s a long time when you’ve got dominant one-party rule this way that doesn’t even care about following the Constitution when enacting many of its proposals and laws.


RUSH: I was just talking about the call we got yesterday. We’re going to get to the phones very quickly. If you’re on hold, hang on. I was talking yesterday about the call we got from Jeremy. He was from Ohio, 33 years old. Family tricked him into voting for Obama. Well, they pressured him into voting for Obama. Now he’s upset, he doesn’t like Obama, but not for the reasons we all would think. He sees Obama helping the private sector. He sees Obama spending and sending all kinds of money to these places. He didn’t see — until I told him — that Obama was destroying it. What he wanted, what he expected was Obama sending him money, the little guys. And here’s another story. Same thing the caller said yesterday. It’s as if every time Obama takes over a company, his voters see him as some kind of a super capitalist instead of a super socialist. No wonder his approval numbers — by the way, they’re coming down. Fifty-eight percent in one poll, 56% at NBC, 58% in another, coming down, dude, leveling off.

Chuck Todd, F. Chuck Todd at NBC says the honeymoon’s over. I wonder if it was good for Chuck as it was for Obama. Seriously. Every time he takes over a section of the private sector these people think he’s some super capitalist. There has to be a fundamental ignorance or lack of understanding of what Obama is doing. I guess the State-Run Media is doing a far better job than I assumed, because Obama is taking over, he’s depleting funds from the private sector, just the opposite is perceived. This from the Wall Street Journal today: ‘Laura Zamora, 40, of Orange, Calif., voted for Mr. Obama but says she is frustrated by the economy and finds her support for the president waning. She says she’s facing a possible layoff as a local government worker in California. ‘He’s bailing out the private sector. He’s putting all kinds of money into the private sector,’ says Mrs. Zamora. ‘The money should be going to social programs, not to bailing out banks and GM. It should go to people who are unemployed.”

This story is filled with other people who look at Obama’s movements exactly the same way. We’re going to have to recalibrate the way we comment on this. If the guy from yesterday was representative of a large number of people, and if Mrs. Zamora here is also, people that voted for him are starting to get unhappy with him, but not for the reasons that they ought to be. We’ll take it, don’t misunderstand, we’ll take the anger. But it’s disappointing in many ways. It does show these people expected Obama to send ’em money. That was the hope and change, money on social programs to help them. Oh, well, we’ll comment further.


RUSH: Linda in Louisiana, welcome to the program. Great to have you here. How do you pronounce the city where you live?

CALLER: Marrero.

RUSH: Marrero.


RUSH: Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m on the West Bank, on the other side of New Orleans.

RUSH: Oh. Cool.

CALLER: Katrina land. (laughing)

RUSH: I knew that.

CALLER: Of course. I was sitting here, and just, I can’t believe I’m talking to you. I have been trying for ten years to get through, but anyway, to make my point, your screener said get to the point quick, so I’m reading in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers: ‘Obama lays down the law to Wall Street, Federal Reserve to police large firms judged a potential risk to the financial system.’ Of course now he has given new power to the Treasury department and the Federal Reserve, put major restrictions, all to do what? To clear up the credit crisis. I thought the credit crisis was caused by people like Barney Frank. This isn’t going to help. But I do think if they’re going to start checking all these things through the Federal Reserve, who we can’t even look at, like credit cards, credit interest, savings accounts, mutual funds, and all that stuff, then they’re going to wind up with a whole lot more information than we really want them to have.

RUSH: Well, not just that, they’re going to be able to control what you can and can’t do and the way that they are selling it, the way they’re selling this is, they’re complaining and whining about the unfair practices of lenders, banks, credit card companies, and this is to get even with them. This is to make sure your credit cart company doesn’t jack up your interest rate without your permission an exorbitant level. So while everybody thinks that Obama is clamping down on the lenders with these new regulators, what he’s doing again is expanding more federal power to where the federal government’s going to be in charge of the lending industry in this country — banks, credit cards, you name it. It breathtaking to watch. Every day, every day this little man-child reaches out and grabs something else. It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine — I won’t make him sound like a child because he’s far more dangerous than a child but, you see, this kind of fear that’s arrived, invasion of privacy, they’ll know everything about me. They’re going to know that when they get your medical records digitized, which is going to be part of national health care under the guise of facilitating your care. But the purpose will actually be for them to know and to be able to blackmail you or use whatever information they have about you and your treatment, denying you treatment for this that and the other thing.

I’ll tell you, the left is solidifying its control over as many public aspects of this country as quickly as possible. And the American people, they’re starting to understand. They still like him, at least in the New York Times poll, not so much now in the NBC poll. But 2010 is where this Waterloo is going to be next met. What aspect of your private life aren’t they going to be into? Well, I don’t imagine they’ll be in your bathroom. Not with cameras. They might be, who knows. They’re trying to get into as many aspects of people’s private lives as they can for the purpose of control. You know, you say that and people don’t understand why somebody wants to control America, why would somebody? It’s almost like back in the eighties, if you started throwing the word ‘communist’ around to describe certain Americans, it wouldn’t persuade anybody because Americans didn’t want to think there were communists running around in the country, with any power. So to say now there are these authoritarians that are out there trying to wrest control — I harp back on these two events, the call yesterday and the story in the Wall Street Journal today.

People that voted Obama who are getting upset but they don’t understand what he’s doing. They misunderstand totally. They were expecting Obama to throw shovels of money at them. Instead, they think he’s bailing out Wall Street and big business. They think he’s just another typical Washington Republican Democrat conglomerate politician who cares about big business. They don’t see what he’s doing to big business. They don’t see that he’s destroying future job opportunities, creativity, competition. They don’t see the destruction the man is wreaking. They see him playing favorites, and they thought they were going to be the favorites, and now they’re not. That’s why they’re upset. So that’s at least a baseline from which to start. They’re upset, not for the reasons they should be, but at least something there to build upon.

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