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RUSH: All totaled, you know, this past weekend I have to tell you, it was a grand-slam weekend for your host, El Rushbo, what the country learned over the past two days. The stimulus plan is a disaster — and, by the way, let’s grab the sound bite of this. Da ba-da ba-da. Yes, cut number nine, Meet the Press yesterday, Joe Biden was asked by David Gregory, ‘Dr. Romer from the White House, the assertion that you could keep unemployment at 8% and it’d go down after that. In fact, it’s now 9.4%, was it oversold?’

BIDEN: At the time no one realized how bad the economy was. The projections in fact turned out to be worse. Everyone guessed wrong at the time the estimate was made about what the state of the economy was at the moment this was passed.

RUSH: They did not ‘guess wrong.’ I did not guess wrong and the Republicans in Congress did not guess wrong. The stimulus plan is a disaster. Biden has now admitted it! Another thing that happened over the weekend that the country learned is that Bush was right about the war in Iraq. Thank you Thomas Friedman, New York Times. The next thing that we learned over the weekend was that Iran is a lying, murdering regime that you don’t negotiate with. Thank you, Iranian elections. And number four: We learned that global warming is a lie, global cooling is in full swing because the sun is in charge. Have you seen the stories in Chicago, it was in the fifties last week, they’re only now approaching normal June temperatures on the 15th? There’s snow in North Dakota. There is a cooling trend happening! It’s chilly in New York during the day as well. Now, these four things are articles on every one of these points I made from day one.

We were told Obama was ready to lead on day one, remember? Well, he was wrong about the economy. Biden admitted it yesterday. He was wrong about foreign policy in Iraq. Thomas Friedman admitted it over the weekend. He was wrong about Iran and wrong about global warming, and therefore he’s wrong about cap and trade. All this, all this in one weekend — a grand-slam weekend for your host — and Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama, the guy who struck out enforcement he went to the plate! Obama is 0-for-4. I hit a grand slam when I hit the plate. Obama is a failure. The results are in. So I ask this with all humility: ‘Who should the Republicans be listening to, me — who hit a grand slam — or Powell, who fanned, struck out? Now we know why Barack Obama didn’t want Republicans listening to me. Now we know why the left is scared to death of Palin and why they are afraid of me. We get it right.

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