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RUSH: By the way, folks, Vice President Cheney has responded to Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA. Panetta says, ‘It’s almost as though Cheney wants another attack.’ Here’s the official Cheney response: ‘I hope my old friend Leon was misquoted. The important thing is whether the Obama administration will continue the policies that have kept us safe for the last eight years.’ Mr. Vice President, I don’t think there’s much chance of that.

Take a look at the Drudge Report, folks. Go to the front page, just the front page and you’ll find a picture of one of the four Chinese Uighurs transferred from Guantanamo Bay to Bermuda swimming in the ocean. And there are stories accompanying these pictures saying that the Uighurs now have totally changed their mind about the United States. Now, Bermuda is British, and the UK was not informed that these four Uighurs — these are Chinese Al-Qaedas, essentially — were going to be in Bermuda. Gitmo just sent them there and now they’re swimming in the ocean. I’ve seen two pictures. One of them us out there doing a… I don’t know what the hell movement it is but lying on his back with his arms just having a great time, and the other two are out there splashing around. The only thing missing is the pina coladas ’cause I know Uighurs don’t consume alcohol. Well, they could be virgin coladas. They don’t consume alcohol.


RUSH: By the way, one observation before we go to the break here. Go to Drudge and look at the Uighur prisoner from Club Gitmo swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and then remember what John McCain looked like when he got out of the Hanoi Hilton. Broken legs, broken arms, beat up. This guy, outta Club Gitmo, one, two days, is swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

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