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RUSH: All right, Obama’s approaching 55 minutes on this speech. I don’t know who can sit through 55 minutes of a speech and be inspired by it at a conventional. I mean this is not as though you’ve got a comedian out there doing a stand up routine. This is dry, dull, political garbage. Cookie just sent me the first batch of audio sound bites from Obama’s speech. I frankly don’t want to listen to it. I was just telling Snerdley, I gotta be very, very careful about this ’cause I’m trying to be persuasive here with the people that don’t agree with me. By the way, if any of you are doubting that there are liberals in this audience, see my e-mail from last week when I started telling the Obama jokes. (laughing) Oh, we know you’re there, you lefties. This guy just grates on me. He’s a know-it-all, and he doesn’t know anything. He’s arrogant with no reason to be. He’s got all the answers when he’s never run anything other than his mouth, and plus the personality type, as I mentioned to you on Friday, it just grates. In fact, Mike, let me find the Bill Maher sound bite here because this is interesting. Bill Maher, who’s deranged on the left, something happened to these people in the last eight years, and they’re still enraged and angry even though their side won. Now, Bill Maher is upset that Obama is not liberal enough, but that’s not the point of this sound bite.

MAHER: This is not getting the job done and this is not what I voted for. And this is why I don’t want my president (applause) — this is why I don’t want my president — to be a TV star because TV stars are too worried about being popular and too concerned with getting renewed. (applause). I never thought I’d say this (applause) but, actually, what he needs in his personality is a little George Bush. (booing) He needs to stop worrying about being loved and bring out that smug, insufferable swagger that says, ‘Suck on it, America.’ (laughter)

RUSH: Now, there was applause at every applause line until he gets to Bush and then here came the instinctive, habitual booing. But he’s got a point. This guy is on television all day, every day, and it’s starting to rub people raw. And the more you’re on television and the longer you’re on television the less people are going to pay attention to you. You gotta keep yourself unique. Not predictable. Folks, I guarantee you, he’s now approaching almost one hour in this speech to the doctors at the AMA. That tells me he thinks he’s got a tough sales job. He’s answering all these so-called objections that his critics have mentioned there. He’s very defensive again. I think it’s panic central inside the White House. But he needs a little George Bush. And, by the way, speaking of George Bush, Thomas Friedman in the New York Times in a column over the weekend came out and praised Bush for Middle East peace. He did, he did, he came out and praised Bush for Iraq, even though it was a war of choice, and turned out well, it was great, democracy in the Middle East, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, now you got Bill Maher saying that Obama needs to be a little bit more like Bush, a little swagger, don’t care what people think of you. Here’s what I’m going to do America, if you don’t like it, suck on it, which is typical HBO language, but there you have it.

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