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RUSH: Robin in Houston, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I’m calling, the monologue you gave a while back about how when we get back in power, that we’re going to basically use all the tactics that they’ve used against us on them —

RUSH: I was kind of having fun that day.


RUSH: I was warning them, okay, you guys are putting in all these laws and privileges for the government to wreak havoc on people, wait ’til we get in power and turn ’em on you, that’s basically what I said.

CALLER: Yes. And to that point, the health care, well, all of what he’s doing but mostly the health care thing recently, we keep hearing that once health care takes hold that we’re not going to be able to turn it back and mainly based on more than the individual but the businesses because if they go to the state-run or socialized medicine, then that’s, you know, off their backs for having to provide insurance for employees. And so that, you know, is scary, but my point is that when we do take back power all these radical things that they’ve done, why couldn’t we radically reduce taxes to the amount where businesses, it’s advantageous to just completely wipe out the health care, socialized medicine —

RUSH: I think I got the question. The question is why can’t we roll back nationalized health care if we get power back? Well, I talked to Liz Cheney after the program yesterday in an interview for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter, which is the most widely read political newsletter in America today, by the way: 800-457-4141, the number to order. Now, Liz Cheney back in the early nineties was part of a State Department team that went to the Soviet Union to help — well, the old Soviet Union, the liberated Soviet Union, to try to instruct them on creating a private sector economy, taking power away from the centralized authorities in Moscow, and so I asked her as a joke yesterday, I said, ‘Okay, Liz, who’s going to do what you did to reassert freedom and the private sector in this country after we get control of government and take it back?’ She just started laughing and started talking about the experiences in Russia, the Soviet Union, that she had had.

The reason why a rollback on health care is going to be almost impossible is because it’s going to permeate at virtually every level of our society. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but it would be the hardest thing to roll back. It’s easy to lower taxes, for example, and it’s easy to sell General Motors to somebody in the private sector. But when you’re talking something as massive as national health care with tentacles that go as deep into the strata of our society as possible, you know, rolling all that back, that would be major.


RUSH: This is Michael from parts unknown, cannot say where he is. Hello, Michael.

CALLER: Great day to you, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I have some firsthand information that I think you might be interested in. The American Cancer Society, for the most part, is a great organization, but they have stepped into what I consider to be great hypocrisy. They are now making phone calls to constituents and they are telling them this — and trust me, this is very accurate. They are saying, part of what they say, ‘Fighting cancer means fixing health care. The current health care system is failing millions of our Americans and the need for reform is now. Insurance costs seem to get higher each year, and some policies don’t even cover lifesaving cancer screenings. Many cancer survivors can’t get the adequate and affordable health care coverage because of preexisting conditions. Too often –‘ this is what really killed me ‘– too often consumers don’t fully understand their policies and find out too late that they don’t have adequate coverage.’ I’m just kind of baffled when here it is they’re trying to promote this, and national health care reform, where, you know, we hear about like in England all the time these patients who aren’t getting cancer medications to help them out. To me that’s hypocrisy to the highest level.

RUSH: Sounds like it.

CALLER: Yeah. And then one of the things they add on at the end is, if you want to be transferred, to talk to your local senator. Part of what they say is that part of the thing that they want to have included in it is to make cancer screening either available for free or at very little cost. So who’s going to pay for it, guys? Just I’m baffled.

RUSH: See, but that’s part of the ruse. Put the word free or low-cost out there and then associate it with the government running it and that’s how you advance the cause. It’s, to me, not surprising at all.

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