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RUSH: I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with this, but it’s about the prison abuse photos at Abu Ghraib and the Club Gitmo and so forth. And it’s taking a meandering path here. Obama originally says he’s going to release the photos. Then there’s an outcry. He says he’s not going to release the photos ’cause he’s talked to the generals. And the generals say, it would put troops at risk, it would serve no purpose. Then the Democrats, the leftist Democrats in the House, many of them who are committee chairmen and Nancy Pelosi say, to hell with that, we’re going to release the pictures, we’re going to release the pictures because this is part of a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re not going to just throw the law out here. So that moved Lindsey Grahamnesty and Joe Lieberman to put together an amendment in another piece of legislation that would prohibit the release of these photos. When it goes to the conference committee, the conference committee, members of the House of Representatives are being told by Pelosi screw that Senate amendment, screw it.

So it’s been going back and forth now, and you have to ask yourself this question. Regardless how this ends up — and, by the way, I know that the conventional wisdom is that Obama does not want those pictures released. But I don’t believe that because when it was first brought up, when he first mentioned it, he did want them released. And that’s what you have to remember. Now, he’s changed his mind on this, and he’s being urged to use an executive order to prevent their release now to countermand the Democrats in the Senate. Nobody really knows how this is going to fall out yet. There are conflicting reports. Some say the Democrats in the House are caving as a response to Obama’s request. Others are saying no, they’re not, that the situation is still fluid. Here’s what you have to ask yourself. Why would anyone want those pictures released? What is the result of these pictures released? I don’t care what the pictures show. They can be nothing, they can show extreme techniques being used, I don’t care what they are, just the fact they’re going to be released, why would anybody want to do that?

There’s only one reason, folks, and that is to inflame Muslims in the Middle East. There’s only one reason. Don’t buy all this leftist garbage from the House of Representatives, ‘It’s a Freedom of Information Act.’ There are people who want to undermine their own country, and they sit in the House of Representatives, and they are all Democrats. They want to undermine their own country. I imagine there are people at the State Department who want to undermine their own country. We just learned the other day about this 70-year-old spy for Cuba who it has now been learned in 2006 went to Johns Hopkins University and made an anti-American speech wishing we would sever relations with the United Kingdom, 2006, same guy, Walter Myers, should have been fired on the spot for saying this. Instead he was feted; he was heralded; he was regaled. No wonder Colin Powell flipped when he went over there. The State Department is infested with a bunch of globalist anti-American egghead liberal elites. So now you have the photo release here, which we all thought was taken care of but the House Democrats just won’t let it go and Graham and others are begging Obama to do an executive order on this.

Now, I understand the argument that the release of the photos could endanger American troops. But we need to ask if there are other reasons, because why do this? This does not serve any purpose, does not make America safer, it does not restore our image in the world, or do any of that, that the Democrats claim to be interested in. What we need to ask is this question. If Muslims in the Middle East are agitated and riot, if they behead a few folks over these detainee photos, what would it take to calm ’em down? I mean Abu Ghraib has been torn down. Obama has promised to close Guantanamo Bay. We just sent four terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to Bermuda with a White House escort. What’s going to be the new travel slogan for Bermuda: ‘Hot babes and jihadists’? What the hell are they thinking in Bermuda? And then Eric Holder goes out, yes, and this will definitely make America safer. Why, from transferring from Cuba to Bermuda? This is all gobbledygook. None of this in the realm of common sense is understandable. But if you want to inflame the Middle East, if you want riots, if you want to cause hell to become unleashed in the Middle East, then, of course, what you have at your disposal is these detainee photos.

So what would it take to calm down a new level of unrest? What would it take? Well, you just have to ask yourself one question. Aside from our prisoners and so-called interrogation techniques what is it that upsets Muslims in the Middle East? Israel. Right? So what becomes the procedure to calm down the possible chaos and riots from release of these photos? Well, we gotta get more concessions from Israel, damn it. Maybe give up Jerusalem or give up half of it, let the Palestinians finally have it. I have great reservations about this administration’s plans for Israel. All I know is that Obama loves chaos; he thrives on it; he needs it. It’s like a crisis, and like Rahm Emanuel said, opportunities arise from crisis. There’s a crisis in the Middle East. It’s an opportunity for Obama, who is now proud of his deep Muslim roots. That’s the Cairo speech, proud of it now. And wouldn’t you know it, it just so happens at this precise moment in time those darn detainee photos are in play just when Israel has a gun at its head to deliver a two-state solution that puts Hamas and Iran in charge of Israel’s fate.

The Arab world wants this now. It’s a little convoluted because the Arab world is also very worried about Iran. They’re also deadly worried about Iran. The King of Saudi Arabia does not want a nuclear Iran. But you release those photos, you work Muslims into a frenzy at the precise moment we got a gun to Israel’s head, we’ll see what Obama does. We’ll see if he comes through with his executive order to keep these photos from being released.

I gotta take a break. Open Line Friday, we will get to your phone calls earlier than normal in this hour.


RUSH: John in Milford, Connecticut. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Very good. I just want to draw a couple parallels between Obama and FDR. World War II eight saboteurs landed in Long Island and they were captured. FDR wanted to put ’em on trial in the civilian court, and his attorney general told him, ‘No, if you do that they might only get a couple of years and be released and would encourage more saboteurs to come here.’ He convinced him to put them on military tribunals, and they did, and of the eight; one got life, one got 30 years, the other six were executed. And these guys never killed anybody. All they did was land here. They had all their explosives and stuff, but they never killed anybody, and this whole thing took place in 56 days. From the time they landed in Long Island until the time the six guys were executed, it was only 56 days. Now, Obama wants to bring ’em here; he wants to put ’em on trial. I mean, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You know, their lawyers, their ACLU lawyers are going to want to look at all the evidence because we gotta have the evidence against our clients because they’re in civilian court, and —

RUSH: Exactly — they’re.

CALLER: — if the military won’t turn it over they’re going to say, ‘Hey, you know, we don’t have the evidence, they can’t get a fair trial.’ Bingo, they’re gone.

RUSH: Either that or they get the evidence. I mean in a trial like this there’s discovery. You know, the defense has to see the evidence and they have to see the witness list. Can you believe a ‘witness list’ for somebody captured in a battlefield?

CALLER: Really where are the soldiers, too? How are they going to know who was who as far as the American soldiers go, who was who that captured the guy. And now this guy is — they’re going to have to try and find this guy he’s going to have to come forward and his face is going to be put on the news and, you know, now they’re a target. You see a lot of these programs on TV. DEA, FBI agents, faces are all blurred out and everything. But that won’t happen with this. I mean, it endangers American soldiers in a completely new way, just like these photos and all that.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I mean, it’s one thing after another with Obama. Like they say, ‘If you don’t know history you’re destined to repeat it,’ and if he puts these guys on trial here, I mean I don’t think any of them will probably spend a significant amount of time in jail. I really don’t. And then they’ll be here. They’ll just say, well, oh, yeah, I want — like the Germans did, two guys said, ‘Hey,’ they got into New York and they were like, ‘Wow, this place is beautiful. Let’s stay. Let’s turn ourselves in.’

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: That’s more or less how it came about.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Two guys decided to turn themselves in. At first the FBI didn’t believe ’em.

RUSH: That’s right. New York, New York… Even New York would look better than your average poppy field in Afghanistan. All right, that’s an excellent point. Sharing the evidence? (sighs) If you’re gonna Mirandize somebody, you have to speak their language. I mean, you could take this to the Nth degree, here. If you Mirandize somebody, you do it when they’re arrested, not after you’ve gotten them behind bars. You do it after they’re arrested. We’re going to have to have translators with every soldier. It’s just absurd. It’s absurd. Thanks.

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