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RUSH: Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp, Fox News, Twentieth Century Fox, da-da-da-da-da-da, last night he was on the air with Neil Cavuto on Fox. Cavuto said, ‘Many argue that President Obama’s building a totally different kind of government, a much bigger — some would argue more intrusive — government. A lot of people either don’t appreciate its magnitude or they look at all these ‘czars’ or task agency heads, and they don’t appreciate what’s going on here. What do you say? What are you worried about?’

MURDOCH: I think he sees himself as a president for ‘change’ and that involves bigger government. He’s made no secret of that, and I think it’s dangerous, I believe in low taxes and less government if possible. The one place that’s not affected with what’s happening, the recession, is Washington. It’s just crawling with people all getting highly paid, whether they be lobbyists or whether they be going to new agencies and so on. I envy people with real estate in Washington.

RUSH: He’s right. Washington never goes into recession. It’s very dangerous what’s happening because of Obama. So Cavuto says, ‘Well, do you think that when this administration says, ‘The American people are on our side. Our numbers prove it. Support for what we’re doing proves it. Critics like Rupert Murdoch, they just don’t get it’?’

MURDOCH: We’re in the very early days, yes. Wait to unemployment goes 10 or 11%. I don’t think that can be stopped and they say, ‘Oh, we already saved 600,000 jobs.’ How do they count what they save or don’t even save? Unemployment is going to go up.

RUSH: Nobody counts what they save or don’t save. They throw it up there. I just figured out the other day, using this formula from the economic advisor, Jared Bernstein, that over the course of 20 years I have saved over 45 million jobs in America. You know how I did it? Because I improve the attitude of employers! I inspired employers who listened to this program and their businesses grew. They believed in the country because they listened to me. They were optimistic. They were positive. They hired a lot of people, and they didn’t fire a lot of people that they would have otherwise fired. Forty-five million jobs saved, by me — and nobody can say it isn’t true. Not one person can say it is not true.

It might be 55 million jobs that I’ve saved and created. How many people grew their businesses in optimism while listening to me and this program? We know a lot. Remember when the white-collar layoffs happened in the nineties we did three state shows, people in their forties and fifties got laid off, what they were going to do. They were three very inspiring shows in the history of this program, those people started businesses. They created jobs directly because of this program. They said so. But whatever, 55 million jobs ‘created and saved,’ and nobody can say it isn’t true.

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