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RUSH: Barbara, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Fort Bragg, great to have you here, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you. And I’m so-so proud to talk to you. I don’t normally listen to all your program, but my cable has been cut off ’cause I can’t afford to put it back on. (chuckles) So I’ve been listening to you on the radio, and I want to tell you something that I don’t say often. I heard your speech this morning for an hour and ten minutes, and I was glued to my radio. That is without a doubt the best speech I have ever heard in my life, and I’m 72 years old. And I am so proud of you, that you are an American. You’ll never know what you’ve done for this old lady today. (choking up) I want you to know I love you and God bless every word that comes out of your mouth, and I hope people listen to what you’re saying. And I also get a big kick out of some of the things you say. I get to laugh with you, but this was so beautiful and so outstanding and so right-on! And he didn’t pull your punches. That’s what’s the matter with our party. The Republican Party pulls their punches. They’re afraid to say anything, but you’re not, and to me that’s the great American in you. You love this country so much, and I can feel it in your words — and I’m with you every inch of the way. And God bless you for everything you do for us. Rush, you are great.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. My eyes are misting up here. That’s so nice of you to say. I appreciate it. I’ll tell you why. I debated for about ten minutes today whether to hit it all as hard as I did.

CALLER: You hit it good. You hit it out of the ballpark.

RUSH: Well, thank you. To me, the time is crucial. The time for being precise and trying to trim this around the edges and make a point without hitting people between the eyes is over, I think.

CALLER: You’re right, you’re so right.

RUSH: It’s just… We are at a crucial, crucial moment in our nation’s future.

CALLER: I know that. I said that the minute they put Nancy Pelosi where she’s at, I said, ‘There goes our country right into the garbage can,’ and I said it to one of the other talk hosts. And I want to tell you, I told her I’m ready to leave this country.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, no.

CALLER: And I’ve been here a long, long time.

RUSH: Don’t — don’t — don’t — don’t do that. That would be the biggest mistake. People like you are going to be needed.

CALLER: Well, I vote every time I can. And I want you to know, I voted against him, and I fought my family tooth and nail, but my sister is just a die-hard, die-hard Democrat, and I said, ‘You’re going to be sorry.’

RUSH: Well, I think that explains most of the devotion to Obama. There’s party loyalty, number one; and number two, there’s the cult-like appeal he has for people.


RUSH: And it’s just going to take some time for that to break. That’s why it’s just crucial right now to link Obama’s plans and his failures — to link those two things together — because the failures are becoming apparent. Well, it’s very nice of you to say that. You’ve made my day because I did put a lot into it and I appreciate your reaction.

CALLER: You put your heart and soul into it, and I listened to every word, and I’m proud of you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thank God you’re an American.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, Barbara.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Now, most hosts after hearing a call like this, in their insecurity, would have said, ‘Well, what about the second and third hours, Barbara? Wah-hah-hah.’ But I of course am totally secure and don’t doubt that she has the same opinion of the second hour and this hour as she had of the first. If you missed the first hour and ten minutes, what she’s talking about, make sure you check RushLimbaugh.com later this afternoon when we update it. The first hour was a series of monologues and sound bites on the US economy and Obama’s role in destroying it and how this has to be stopped. And I spent a great deal of time, ’cause he’s constantly blaming Bush. He is constantly blaming his predecessor, his predecessors. He today said, ‘We’ve got a recession that frankly was worse than we thought that was given to us, created over many years,’ gutless and spineless. This recession is his. I detailed what he inherited as president of the United States. I detailed what every president inherits. I explained the greatness of our founding, the greatness of our economy, the greatness of our freedom and liberty, the greatness of the country over all, and how he is systematically destroying it while blaming others for doing it. So if you missed it, it’s at RushLimbaugh.com later this afternoon when we update the site to reflect the contents of today’s show — and, Barbara, thank you again so much.

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