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“I mean it when I say to you: Barack Obama is destroying the United States economy and it is crucial that we link Obama’s plans to his failures.”

“I had my photo taken next to Gorbachev. That photo has appeared at RushLimbaugh.com numerous times, not all the time, but sometimes his birthmark appears on my forehead. It’s the strangest damn thing.”

“The destruction of the greatest economic engine in the history of the world, these policies of Barack Obama’s which have led us to this point are precisely why I fearlessly said and still say, I hope he fails.”

“The time for being precise and trying to trim this around the edges and make a point without hitting people between the eyes is over, I think.”

“The new iPhone’s are expected to be out later in the month. All of this has been made possible by rich people that went out and spent 500 bucks on the first iPhone are making all of this possible. And, of course, Apple is not receiving any government funds to grow the iPhone, the operating system, or the new laptops.”

“I’m getting e-mails from people. ‘Hey, Rush, I saw your tweet the other day.’ I do not have an account on Twitter. I think there are three or four phony Rush Limbaugh accounts on Twitter. I don’t ‘tweet.’ I resist the tug of popular sentiment. When everybody else gets involved in something, I purposely don’t. I have no interested in ‘tweeting,’ so I don’t have a tweeter account or a Twitter account nor a Facebook account nor any of these other things.”

“I think North Korea and Iran are seeing a golden opportunity to expand their own spheres of universe, because they see in President Obama a weakling, somebody who can be manipulated. They’re laughing at him and they’re laughing at us, and it’s not a laughing matter.”

“Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor fractured her ankle in an airport on the way to Senate meetings. Given Sotomayor’s preference for Latinas in every walk of life, I hope she can find ‘a wise Latina’ doctor to set that ankle as opposed to an average white doctor.”

“I think it would be safe to say that many American cities are evolving into big piles of anarchy and crap.”

“I wonder if people really realize what Rudy Giuliani did for New York City, what did he actually did for New York City. He literally saved that city from the crime problem that it had. It was nothing short of an heroic accomplishment, rarely equaled in any other city.”

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