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“The speeches of President Obama always come down to the same thing: somebody else must sacrifice to achieve the ends that he seeks.”

“Now, I have to ask, how is what happened to the Jews the same thing as what is happening to the Palestinians? I’m sure there are those of you out there who don’t want the speech criticized, but I have to ask this because I’m a student of history and I deal with reality.”

“You know what would have been a gutsy speech? A gutsy speech would have been Obama outlining the long list of horrors committed by the militant wing of Islam against their fellow man.”

“Can somebody tell me what is Barack Obama’s plan for defending this nation and our allies? Has he articulated, as president of the United States, a plan to defend the nation? He hasn’t, and that’s the problem. It’s as though he believes he can end all strife or all wars with his words.”

“Obama said, ‘Any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.’ Freedom will elevate people above tyranny, Barack. Nobody assigns it. It just happens.”

“It sounds so wonderful: that nobody is better than anybody else, that we’re all the same — but that flawed premise that a bunch of noncritical thinkers embrace allows the authoritarian to control human beings and their lives, supposedly for their own good.”

“Bush did separate mainstream Islam from terrorism, but he got no credit for it whatsoever, and that’s because of Iraq. While Bush was saying we have no quarrel with Muslims, he brought democracy to Iraq, and the last thing any Arab leader wants is democracy.”

“I’m sorry you had tostay up late to watch my TV show, Ryan, but we had a feminist general manager there who refused to play it at a time when most normal people were awake.”

“If you go through the rest of your life trying to show people that they were wrong, you’re never going to be happy because they’re never going to admit it and you’ll never know how they really feel. That advice was some of the best advice I ever got.”

“Somebody needs to tell Michelle Obama to get over it. You overcame it. You are the first lady of the United States of America, and you want to run around and still act like you are the victim of a great injustice because you grew up in America? It really is time to get over it.”

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