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Rush’s Morning Update: Broke?
June 5, 2009

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You know, folks, it’s hard to keep track of all the money the Obama government has spent since his Immaculation. Aside from the bailouts, we’ve had the massive Porkulus– billions for supposedly shovel-ready jobs (which would include highways, by the way). Then Democrats hustled through another massive spending bill to fund everything under the sun… followed by billions more, for everything under the moon.

Well, now the Obama Administration is demanding another $7 billion to fund the Federal Highway Trust Fund; they claim it’s going to go brokeby August. According to the White House and Barbara Boxer, the latest billions are urgently needed to keep current construction projects funded.

And you know whoDemocrats are blaming? They’re blaming you! You people aren’t driving enough,so the federal government isn’t collecting as much revenue from the federal gasoline tax. Now, it pains me to say that a Republican, Ohio’s George Voinovich, says that Congress has to raise the federal gas tax,which is already close to 20 cents per gallon. “I know that doesn’t go down so well with some folks,” says Senator Voinovich, but it’s “the reality of the situation.”

No. Here’s the reality. This administration has already spent this generation– and the next– into the poorhouse. If they don’t have the money, and if they can’t print any more money: just make do! Forget about new taxes,forget about more bailouts;this government has already spent more than their fair share of our cash. If you peoplein the federal government arebroke– stay broke! Don’t ask theus for another silver dime, orpenny! (They never ask us anyway, they just take it! Creeps!)

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